ACF1100 – Assignment # 279, Paper help
School of Enterprise and Economics Division of AccountingACF1100 - Task # 279 Semester 1 2018 N Proprietor: Mr. M. Woodwin Identify: Realtor21 Description: Actual Property AgentThe enterprise has the next opening balances: Promotional Materials Provides $526 Furnishings $22,367 Financial institution Mortgage (due 2022) $27,023 Account Payable $7,120 Motor Automobile $33,368 Account Receivable $19,220 Money At Financial institution $18,346 Extra Data: Closing inventory of promotional supplies 30/6 ($) 765 Furnishings scrap worth ($) zero Furnishings helpful life (years) Three Hire paid for (months) Three Insurance coverage paid for (months) 2 Motorcar scrap worth ($) Four,484 Motorcar helpful life (years) 2 Financial institution mortgage rates of interest (% per yr) 9Transactions: Date Description Quantity Date Description Quantity 1-Jun Public sale fee - Money $1,875 1-Jun Paid Normal Insurance coverage $2,636 2-Jun Fee to Account Payable $919 Three-Jun Hire of Enterprise Premises $Four,278 Three-Jun Promoting placement charges - Money $820 Four-Jun Promoting Expense - Money $357 6-Jun Sundry Bills $211 6-Jun Promoting placement charges - Account $807 6-Jun Promoting placement charges - Money $803 6-Jun Motor Automobile Bills $287 7-Jun Buy promotional supplies $471 Eight-Jun Employees Wages $1,136 9-Jun Money Withdrawals by Proprietor $482 10-Jun Obtain Fee from Account Prospects $1,370 12-Jun Buy promotional supplies $388 13-Jun Sundry Bills $129 13-Jun Motor Automobile Bills $195 13-Jun Money Withdrawals by Proprietor $475 14-Jun Public sale fee - Money $1,753 15-Jun Promoting Expense - Money $311 15-Jun Employees Wages $1,136 17-Jun Obtain Fee from Account Prospects $1,484 17-Jun Public sale fee - Account $1,155 17-Jun Fee to Account Payable $970 19-Jun Public sale fee - Account $1,066 22-Jun Employees Wages $1,136 22-Jun Promoting Expense - Account $525 23-Jun Rental fee - Account $1,392 24-Jun Promoting Expense - Account $569 24-Jun More money contributed by proprietor $Four,695 25-Jun Promoting placement charges - Account $958 25-Jun Rental fee - Money $1,612 25-Jun Rental fee - Money $1,696 28-Jun Rental fee - Account $1,208 29-Jun Employees Wages $1,136Feedback:This enterprise was bought on 1 June.You're required to arrange a normal journal entry to include the opening balances into the present interval, together with the balancing capital determine.You will want to discuss with the Extra Data part in your adjusting entries.The hire and insurance coverage interval begin on 1 June.Present three varieties of income, particularly rental fee, public sale fee and commercial placement charges. All revenues acquired have been for the month of June.Until in any other case indicated, all transactions are on a money foundation. Use one normal Account Receivable for all debtors and one normal Account Payable for all collectors.Your Stability Sheet ought to present belongings and liabilities divided into present and non-current.Employees work a 7-day week and are paid on the eighth day.Assume all prepayments are initially recognised as an asset.