accounts-NuWay Products Company
Manufactured from % RelationshipsInformation about NuWay Merchandise Firm for the yr ending December 31,2010, follows:* Gross sales equal $550,000.* Direct supplies used whole $70,000.* Manufacturing overhead is 150 p.c of direct labor dollars.* The start stock of completed items is 20 p.c of the price of items offered.* The ending stock of completed items is twice the start stock.* The gross revenue is 20 p.c of gross sales.* There isn't a starting or ending work-in-process.Put together a press release of price of products manufactured for 2010. (Trace: Put together ananalysis ofchanges in Completed Items Stock.)NuWay Merchandise CompanyStatement of Price of Items ManufacturedFor the Yr Ending December 31, 2010Present manufacturing prices:Direct Supplies$70,000Direct LaborManufacturing overheadBeginning work in course of$-$-Complete prices in processEnding work in processCost of products manufacturedAnalysis of Completed GoodsInventoryFinish items, 1/1/10Complete items obtainable for saleFinish items, 12/31/10Price of products offered