Accounting Hw essay
1. Pay as you go Insurance coverage Entry. Firm coverage to capitalize and amortize insurance coverage over $2K/12 months. On four/1/21, firm obtained a property insurance coverage for $6,000 overlaying 5/1/21 to four/30/22. Please ebook the journal entries for April 2021 and Could 2021. 2. Fastened asset and depreciation. Firm coverage is to capitalize any equipment over $5K. On three/1/21, firm bought a equipment for $24Okay. The equipment has 6 12 months life. Please ebook the entry for preliminary gear buy and month-to-month depreciation for March and April. Assume straight line depreciation with no residue worth. three. Fastened asset disposal. Utilizing the above instance. Firm bought the above machine on 5/1/21 for $20,000. Please ebook the entry for asset disposal. -research paper writing service