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You’re scheduled to obtain $four,500 on the finish of every quarter, over the subsequent three years. If the annual rate of interest is 10%, with quarterly compounding, what's the current worth of this stream of money flows? (Nearest greenback

  1. $47,314
  2. $30,662
  3. $46,160
  4. $96,229
  5. $68,132


Julie has $2,000 in her financial institution proper now. As well as, she shall be making four extra deposits of $1,000 on the finish of every of the subsequent four years. If the financial institution pays 6% per yr, compounded yearly, how a lot will Julie have in her account on the finish of four years? (To the closest greenback)

  1. $10,zero12
  2. $ 6,586
  3. $ 6,375
  4. $ 6,900
  5. $ four,375


A financial institution paid a acknowledged annual rate of interest of 12%, with month-to-month compounding. What was the equal (or "efficient") annual fee?

  1. 12.36%
  2. 12.75%
  3. 12.68%
  4. 14.40%
  5. 6.25%


Within the "loanable funds" framework, which of the next can be related to the next rate of interest?

  1. a smaller amount of funds provided, on a given provide curve
  2. a lower within the anticipated fee of inflation
  3. a rightward shift, or enhance, within the provide of funds
  4. a leftward shift, or lower, within the provide of funds
  5. a bigger amount of funds demanded, on a given demand curve


A safety has a nominal rate of interest of 9%. If we all know that market members predict inflation of two% per yr, what's the actual rate of interest? ( assuming no different further elements like liquidity threat, default threat, and so forth.)Get accounting project homework assist 

  1. 7%
  2. 2%
  3. 5.5%
  4. 9%