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1. Below enterprise protection, all workers of a enterprise are lined by the FLSA if the group is:A) a nursing house.

B) a public company.

C) a hospital.

D) all the above.

2.Below particular person worker protection, the employee is roofed by the FLSA if:A) the employee produces items for interstate commerce.

B) the employee is a housekeeper in a personal house.

C) the home receives money wages of not less than $1,000 from the employer within the calendar yr.

D) all the above.

three.Below the FLSA, common price of pay doesn't embody:A) trip pay.

B) severance pay.

C) additional time pay.

D) earned bonuses.

four.In August 2009, the minimal hourly wage was:A) $three.35.

B) $7.25.

C) $5.85.

D) $5.15.

5.The guidelines obtained by a tipped worker are lower than $5.12 of the minimal hourly tip credit score price. The utmost permissible tip credit score is:A) $30 a month.

B) $5.12 an hour.

C) 45% of the worker's minimal wage.

D) the quantity of ideas truly obtained by the worker.

6.Below the FLSA, additional time pay is required for:A) any hours labored in extra of eight in sooner or later.

B) all work on Sunday.

C) all hours labored in extra of 40 in a workweek.

D) all hours labored on Christmas.

7.Employees exempt from all the FLSA necessities embody:A) workers paid by the hour.

B) clerk-typists incomes lower than $200 per week.

C) taxicab drivers.

D) not one of the above

eight.Below the Equal Pay Act:A) employers should pay a married male a better wage price than a single feminine if each are performing equal work.

B) white-collar staff are exempt from its necessities.

C) wage differentials primarily based on a seniority system are allowed.

D) if there may be an illegal pay differential, employers might scale back the upper price to equal the decrease price.

9.If an employer is unable to acquire a certificates of age or a piece allow for a minor worker, the employer might rely on what doc as proof of age?A) Baptism document

B) Mom's assertion as to this point of delivery

C) Highschool enrollment type displaying date of delivery

D) Minor worker's assertion as to this point of delivery

10.Which of the next shouldn't be required by the FLSA?A) Further pay for work on holidays

B) Two weeks' trip pay after one yr of service

C) Restriction on hours labored by a 17-year-old employee

D) Not one of the above is required.

11.These duties that workers should carry out and which embody any work of consequence carried out for the employer are often called:A) preliminary actions.

B) postliminary actions.

C) work actions.

D) principal actions.

12.Relaxation durations and low breaks could also be required by all the following besides:A) a union contract.

B) a state laws.

C) a municipal laws.

D) the FLSA.

13.Coaching periods are counted as working time when the next situation is met:A) the worker's attendance is voluntary.

B) the employer requires the worker's attendance.

C) the coaching periods are for the first good thing about the worker.

D) the session takes place exterior the common working hours.

14.The Wage and Hour Division permits the apply of recording an worker's beginning and stopping time to:A) the closest 5 minutes.

B) the closest tenth of an hour.

C) the closest quarter of an hour.

D) all the above.

15.The FLSA requires that:A) employers use time playing cards to document the workers' time labored.

B) employers use the continental time system to document all time labored by workers.

C) employers preserve data that present the hours every worker labored every workday and every workweek.

D) workers signal every clock card.

16.Below the continental system of recording time, 9:20 p.m. is recorded as:A) P2120.

B) 20P.

C) 2120.

D) 2220.

17.If an worker works two jobs at two completely different wage charges for a similar employer throughout the identical payweek, any additional time pay should be calculated through the use of an additional time hourly price of:A) one and one-half the upper of the 2 wage charges.

B) one and one-half the bottom of the 2 wage charges.

C) one-half of the upper of the 2 wage charges.

D) not one of the above.

18.Employers might pay nonexempt workers who work fluctuating schedules a set wage. In these circumstances, the additional pay is:A) calculated at a time and one-half price.

B) calculated at a double time price.

C) calculated on the common price of pay.

D) not one of the above.

19.To find out a pieceworker's common hourly price for one week:A) divide the whole weekly earnings from piece charges and all different sources by the hours labored within the week.

B) divide the whole weekly earnings from piece charges by the variety of items produced.

C) divide the whole weekly earnings from piece charges, much less earnings from different sources, by the hours labored in per week.

D) add the whole weekly earnings from piece charges and all different sources and divide by the whole variety of items produced.

20.A acknowledged share of income paid an worker who transacts a bit of enterprise or performs a service known as:A) a bit price.

B) a fee.

C) an everyday hourly price.

D) a remunerative wage.Get accounting task homework assist