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A-   Integrity vs. Availability"  Please reply to the next:

·         1- Within the international enterprise, corporations are insistent that their accounting info techniques (AIS) and different key techniques can be found 100% of the time, and that these techniques are the best in integrity. Consider how a agency manages the steadiness of excessive availability with excessive integrity in as of late of tight budgets and extra oversight from regulators.

·         2- As a pupil taking on-line lessons or counting on on-line assets similar to libraries and tech assist, consider the advantages of the varsity offering you with 24 / 7 entry to those assets in relation to the prices incurred by the varsity itself.

B-   "The 21st Century Auditor"  Please reply to the next:

·         1- The 21st century auditor requires data of expertise and accounting info techniques along with his / her understanding of accounting ideas and tips. The diploma of information in expertise and AIS will range with every auditor. Suggest the top-five expertise and AIS expertise that the 21st century auditor ought to have. Justify your suggestions.

·         2- Now, advocate a sequence of actions that should be taken by auditors and their corporations to make sure that the auditors keep their expertise.Get accounting project homework assist