ACC Misc Questions – North Wind Manufacturers
M22-17: Supplies VarianceNorth Wind Producers ornamental climate that has an ordinary supplies price of two poundsof uncooked supplies at $1:60 per pound. Throughout September 10,000 kilos of uncooked supplies costing$1:55 per pound had been utilized in making four,800 climate vanes.Decide the supplies value and amount variance?M22-19: Direct Labor VariancesAssume that Nortel producers specialty digital circuitry via a novel photoelectronic course of. One of many major merchandise, Mannequin ZX40, has an ordinary labor time of zero.5hour and an ordinary labor fee of $13:50 per hour. Throughout February, the next activitiespertaining to direct labor for ZX40 had been recorded:Direct labor hours used..2,180Direct labor price..$34,000Items of ZX40 manufactured..four,600a. Decide labor fee varianceb. Decide the labor effectivity variancec. Decide the whole versatile finances labor price varianceM22-20: Significance of Direct labor variancesThe Morgan Companys April finances known as for labor prices of $125,000. As a result of the actuallabor prices had been precisely $125,000, administration concluded there have been no labor variances.Touch upon managements conclusion.M24-15a: NPV and IRR: Equal Annual Web Money InflowM24-16a: NPV and IRR: Equal Annual Web Money InflowM24-17a: Payback interval and Accounting Charge of Return: Equal Annual Working cashFlows with Disinvestment.M24-28(a, b) Rating Funding Proposals: Payback Interval, Annual Accounting Charge ofReturn, and Guess Current Worth (solely use NPV and Payback Interval).Proposal XProposal YProposal ZInitial investmentCash Stream fromoperationsYear 1Year 2Year 3DisinvestmentLife (years)a. Rank these funding proposals utilizing the payback interval, the accounting fee of returnon preliminary funding, and the online current worth standards. Assume that the organizationscost of capital is 14%. Spherical calculations to 4 decimal locations.b. Clarify the distinction in rankings. Which funding would you advocate?