ACC 561 Wiley Plus Week 4 Exercises 15-5, 16-3, and 17-1
Train 15-5Duggan Firm applies manufacturing overhead to jobs on the idea of machine hours used. Overhead prices are anticipated to complete $325,780 12 months, and machine utilization is estimated at 125,300 hours.12 months, $346,819 of overhead prices are incurred and 131,400 hours are used.Train 16-3The ledger of Custer Firm has the next work in course of account.Work in Process—Painting5/1Balance4,3105/31Transferred out?5/31Materials5,9805/31Labor4,1005/31Overhead1,6005/31Stability?Manufacturing information present that there have been 470 models to start with stock, 30% full, 1,560 models began, and 1,440 models transferred out. The start work in course of had supplies price of $2,610 and conversion prices of $1,700. The models in ending stock have been 40% full. Supplies are entered originally of the portray course of.Train 17-1Wilkins Inc. has two kinds of purses: normal and customized. The controller has determined to make use of a plantwide overhead fee based mostly on direct labor prices. The president has heard of activity-based costing and desires to see how the outcomes would differ if this technique have been used. Two exercise price swimming pools have been developed: machining and machine setup. Offered under is info associated to the company’s operations.StandardCustomDirect labor prices$54,900$111,000Machine hours1,3601,260Setup hours97420Complete estimated overhead prices are $301,200. Overhead price allotted to the machining exercise price pool is $196,000, and $105,200 is allotted to the machine setup exercise price pool.