5 Pages Single Space Final Marketing Plan —“Brand Me.” essay

In any marketing plan, a personal marketing plan is significant while coming up with a personal brand. A personal marketing plan communicates your own future goals, thereby guiding individuals in making decisions appropriate to their brand. Since a personal marketing plan is always future-oriented, it plays a significant role in ensuring that the future goal of the brand is achieved. A personal marketing plan is also helpful in ensuring that the marketing plan remains focused. It is always a reminder to an individual that they have to invest their whole time in the plan to achieve their long-term goals. Also, its marketing plan is a reminder that one should create connections with companies, industries, or people of high rank to secure a good job opportunity.

Product branding and personal branding are similarly the same. The main aim in branding is always to have a unique way of how the market perceives you differently from competitors in the market (Mussol, et al, 2019). Branding is essential in helping someone to achieve their goals via being different from others. Branding goals and aspirations allow me to set my brand well depending on how I want to be perceived in the coming future. The first goal of having a brand is to help me determine my strengths objectives and achieve them.

However, I would wish the brand to help me determine the uniqueness of my products in the market. With time, my brand should be well known in the market and help me market my products well and successfully. It should reach the large world market within a certain period as it becomes more popular. I want my brand to have the professionalism to serve everyone well without any informal delays. Having a solid and dedicated brand that helps people with passion is another aspiration that I wish my brand to possess.

Some of my branding goals are listed below:

· Satisfaction of customers

· Making a profit

· Maintain professionalism to maintain the brand title.

· Focused and loyal brand.

· Good network communication.

The perception of a brand to the public is something that is created. As the brand owner, I would work bright to ensure that I print a good image of my brand to the public eye. I want my brand to perceive as a brand that maintains professionalism and respect. It should be a focused brand which only focuses on achieving what it is set to perform. It should have a personality that listens more to the product audience bearing in mind that a customer is always right. It should also have core values and principles which it upholds while serving people. Lastly, it should have good communication, acknowledge teamwork, and adaptability.

The SMART method is a criterion of ensuring that your brand objectives align with the goal’s SMART objectives. These criteria, there several my achievable brand goals that align with the goals and objectives of SMART criteria (Holliman and Rowley, 2014). The SMART standard goals are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and lastly Time-Bound. My brand goals are specific in that they help solve the problems in the real world, such as maintaining professionalism in serving people. The objectives are measurably achievable by ensuring that the brand remains focused on achieving its goals, thereby creating a significant change.

· Increase the total number of product supplies by 5% every week depends on the demand for the products in the market.

· Increase the brand popularity via creating good network communications to venture into ten countries within six months.

· Make small attainable and realistic goals by ensuring that the brand achieves an improvement every day, such as increasing product supplies by 1%.

· Listen to the customers’ feedback and ten inspirational podcasts every week to help maintain professionalism.

· Make a follow-up attempt on all the products distributed. For every distribution done, I would make four follow-ups in the following week to get feedback from the consumers.

An actionable brand is a brand that contains information that contributes directly to improving the brand’s performance. My brand goals are actionable since it respects the customers, maintains good communication with them, and ensures improved performance. In addition, my brand objectives are relevant and achievable. They are relevant to the market by solving problems and filling gaps that exist in the market. Lastly, my brand objectives are also time-bound. At the same time, setting the goals, setting the time on what the brand should have achieved by a specific period. These include the aspirations of the brand, for instance, after ten years.

To achieve all strategic objectives for my brand, it is essential to have strategic strategies to accomplish every goal laid down. Satisfaction of customers remains to be the critical objective. For this case, I would ensure that first, the brand understands the customer’s needs. I would also hire the best service support for the customers. A good communication channel is one of the objectives that I have set for my brand (Morgan, et al, 2019). Creating a good communication channel with the market and representatives is critical. Having an online website where information should all be found is another strategy for enhancing communication. Professionalism is vital in serving people and attracting more credits. Upholding the exemplary virtues, sincerity, and self-control while handling any party should be maintained by the brand.

Another objective of the brand is to remain focused on its business to achieve everything within the standard set period. Having mapped goals that are aligned and attainable are the strategies of this objective. Another objective is being timed conscious always. It is crucial while serving different people and help in maintaining professionalism at the same time. To achieve timeliness, the brand should uphold a character of being self-drive, adhering to all set standards, and handling everything within the allocated time. The last objective is creating connections and identifying market gaps to fill them. It’s achievable via linking up with a company or industry CEOs and other marketing agencies to get good opportunities.

A personal market strategy, as stated earlier, helps a brand to remain focused on achieving all its objectives. It gives you direction on your career path to ensure that the end goal is achieved. In other words, it defines the personal implementation methods of the brand in the market. Customer satisfaction is always the basis of a good market strategy. The objectives listed above help in achieving the satisfaction of the customers of the brand. They are also aimed at ensuring that the customers are maintained by ensuring that they get the best. Also, the main aim of any business brand is to make a profit as it continues to grow and expand throughout the world.


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