5-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Technology Solutions And Recommendations essay

IT 210: Business Systems Analysis

IT 210: Business Systems Analysis 3

3-2 Final Project Milestone One

Jennifer Moore

Southern New Hampshire University


Introduction 3 Problem Statement 3 Two Technologies 3 Business Requirements 4 Objectives 4 Project Description 5 Key Technology Requirements 5 Competitors and Technology 6 Technology One: Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce 6 Technology Two: Cloud Computing 6/7 References 8


The business being analyzed in this paper is a small brick and mortar store which offers products that include, shoes, designer clothes, and handbags for both women and men. Currently this business is using a website to market their products and clients can only make purchases physically from their store. What prevents this business from growing further is the absence of an online store where clients can order and make purchases without going to the store.

Problem Statement1
The objective is to enhance the store’s online presence and improve client satisfaction. If this objective is met, this business will become more competitive in the existing market. currently, this business is facing stiff competition from similar businesses which have already established online presence. Among the technological requirements that this business should focus on include the following: integration of online shopping, online payment processing, inventory management, shipping, client contact management, report generation, facilitation of internal and external collaboration, and provision of status of orders. However, this can only work if there is a better understanding of the use of the new technology to improve business processes and operations.

Two Technologies
The two main technologies that this business will focus on are mobile commerce and wireless mobile computing. The adoption of the wireless technology means that this business will be able to transmit data and information from any location within or outside the business premises. In the world that we currently live in, technology has taken over people’s lives to a point where every person owns a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. People use these devices to communicate, make online orders and purchases, and browse through different social media platforms. Making purchases through the internet is more convenient because a person can order products at the comfort of their home. If clients were able to make online purchases through the online store of this business, they can make purchases as frequent as they please without worrying about going to the store. Through mobile computing, this business will enable their clients to access information and purchase products from wherever they are. Through mobile computing, this business can transmit and receive data, voice, and video via a network to a mobile device (Shroff, 2010). Through mobile commerce, they can use devices such as smartphones or tablets to make online transactions such as online banking, purchases, and paying bills.

The second identified technology is cloud computing. Cloud computing can be explained as the ability to gain access to a wide network of networked computers to allow sharing of data and information remotely. If this business integrates cloud computing in their business operations, they can easily collect and back up their data to a cloud server. With cloud computing, this business will easily access and keep track of their inventory (What is mobile commerce, n.d.). Furthermore, they can communicate better with their customers and even gain insight on what they need to do to improve client satisfaction. Besides being cost effective, the adoption of cloud computing will increase their productivity and increase data and information security.

Business Requirements
The main objective of this project is to help boost the needs of this business and accomplish the goals necessary for their success. The implementation of this project will enable the store to keep their clients’ data and information safe. Also, it will enable their customers to have better access to their products and services. With cloud computing, they will be able to better analyze and understand their customers’ needs and expectations. The integration of these technologies will accelerate the growth of the business, increase their client base, become more customer focused, and put them on the same position as their competitors.

Project Description
The purpose of this project is to assist this business to find different ways to use technology to sell their products through online stores and become more customer focused. Doing this will make them as competitive as other e-commerce businesses. While it ensures the online business runs smoothly, it also guarantees data and information privacy. Customers are always concerned regarding the privacy of the personal information they give out while making purchases. Therefore, the implementation of better technology will enable the business to grow and be guaranteed of data protection and privacy.

Technology Requirements
Online shopping support is the main technology requirement needed by this store in order to satisfy their goals and objectives. With online shopping support, this business will be able to keep track of their inventory. The system will allow the business to handle their current sales and the inventory (What is mobile commerce, n.d.). Furthermore, customers can make orders and purchases through their online store, and the staff members can attend to clients even when away from the store. It will be a key in making this business a success, running efficiently, and smoothly.

Competitors and Technology
This business faces stiff competition because they have not yet adopted e-business. Most of the brick-and-mortar businesses within this region have integrated technology in their business processes. Therefore, this store must ensure they have established online presence to become more competitive.

Technology One: Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce
Kohl’s, a popular online and instore business that has specialized in selling clothes, kitchen appliances, and home decor, is the main competitor of his store. They have their personal app where customers can access the products in their inventory and make purchase orders from their smartphones while anywhere (Mollah, 2012, April). This technology is user-friendly secure, real-time, and gives up to date tracking information oof the ordered products. Also, it has a FAQ and customer review page.

Technology Two: Cloud Computing
Lyst is an online shopping website which allows an individual to create a style on their own with simple clicks. Click has found a top position in the market through digital marketing. Through cloud computing, they can provide their clients with customized shopping experience on their website. Also, potential investors can easily access the company’s data and information from any desired location.

Technology Benefit
Kohl’s has adopted wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce to ensure their online business grows. However, they have focused more on e-business because of the never-ending competition due to advanced technologies. Therefore, if this business is to effectively compete with Kohl, it needs to adopt the latest technologies. It is a must for this business to create an online shopping store where customers can purchase products without visiting their store.


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Mollah, M. B., Islam, K. R., & Islam, S. S. (2012, April). Next generation of computing through cloud computing technology. In 2012 25th IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

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