250 -300 words total | Biology homework help


In Chapter 6-7 & 9 (we come again to eight within the subsequent module) of the Ideas of Biology textual content, the emphasis turns to DNA and the method of cell division and genetics.  Reply to the next two prompts relating to those three chapters:

  • In part 7.three we find out about errors that may happen within the technique of meiosis, and a number of other sorts of errors are talked about.  Choose of some of these errors (e.g. chromosome quantity, non-disjunctions, and so forth.) and supply a quick description of the error (in your personal phrases).  Then do some little bit of on-line analysis associated to the kind of error and determine and describe one illness or situation that may consequence from such a error (instance – Trisomy 21 is the place there's an additional chromosome within the 21st pair, and is chargeable for the situation of Down Syndrome). Make sure you describe the signs and any therapies which might be related to the situation you choose.
  • The idea of DNA replication is an advanced one – and infrequently fairly troublesome for us to visualise/grasp.  Overview 9.2 relating to DNA replication after which do some on-line looking out to discover a reference or assets (not one of many ones on Padlet) that does a great job of explaining this course of.  In your submit, determine:     
    • One side of technique of the DNA replication that the video/animation does a great job of describing, or that made issues simpler to grasp (as an illustration, for those who didn’t perceive what Okazaki fragments had been and the video helped clarify it, describe what makes the idea extra comprehensible within the video/animation)
    • Not less than one side of the method that you're nonetheless not fairly greedy (that’s okay if multiple, it’s difficult!)

 on-line guide hyperlink: https://openstax.org/details/concepts-biology