GCU Practicum Reflective Journal for Nursing Report

GCU Practicum Reflective Journal for Nursing Report
Students maintained and submitted weekly reflective narratives throughout the course
to explore the personal knowledge and skills gained throughout this course. This
assignment combines those entries into one course-long reflective journal that
integrates leadership and inquiry into current practice as it applies to the Professional
Capstone and Practicum course.
GCU Practicum Reflective Journal for Nursing Report – Week 1

In the initial week of my practicum experience, I dedicated most of my time to familiarizing myself with the course objectives and enhancing my understanding of evidence-based practice (EBP). It became clear to me that a deeper comprehension of EBP is vital for recognizing when and how it can be applied in my daily nursing practice. As I delved into the lecture materials and explored the course resources, I gained a profound appreciation for the significant role EBP plays in the nursing field, continually improving patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.

However, this first week also exposed me to the challenges associated with encouraging nurses to engage in and adhere to EBP standards. Research indicates that several factors contribute to nurses’ reluctance to embrace EBP, such as time constraints, difficulty understanding statistical terminology, and struggles with comprehending the specialized jargon used in research articles. In light of these challenges, I believe it is imperative for healthcare institutions, including hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, to actively promote the importance of EBP. As nurses, we are consistently involved in critical decision-making processes, making EBP a fundamental aspect of our professional practice.

Week one also provided me with valuable insights into the mentor-mentee relationship. I view my mentor as an indispensable support system throughout this course, serving as a guiding light in both my education and practice. Our initial discussion centered around the course objectives, her expectations of me, and my personal goals. Together, we formulated strategies for success and compiled a list of recommended readings to turn to during moments of self-doubt or overwhelm. Additionally, we emphasized the significance of ongoing and effective communication, recognizing that it is key to achieving success in this practicum experience.

The final journal should address a variable combination of the following, while
incorporating your specific clinical practice experiences:
● New practice approaches
● Interprofessional collaboration
● Health care delivery and clinical systems
● Ethical considerations in health care
● Practices of culturally sensitive care
● Ensuring the integrity of human dignity in the care of all patients
● Population health concerns
● The role of technology in improving health care outcomes
● Health policy
● Leadership and economic models
● Health disparities

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