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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Ethical issues faced by school counselors

Ethical issues faced by school counselors

1. The conflict between the open communication norms among educators and the confidentiality norm of the counseling profession.

2. The obligation to assist students experiencing personal and social difficulties and the potential for parents and community standards to conflict with students’ needs

3. The responsibility of the schools related to cyberbullying and other harassing online behaviors. Between 12 and 43% of middle and high school students report that they have been victimized by cyberbullying, typically via email, chat rooms, social networking sites, and instant messaging (Dehue, Bolman, & Vollink, 2008).

4. The obligations of school counselors with suicidal students

5. The complications of group counseling in schools

6. The ethics of peer counseling and peer mediation with minors

The school counselor faces a list of potential ethical dilemmas while performing their school counseling duties. In this research paper select one from the list above and research what is the best practice to avoid the potential conflict/dilemma.

Ethical Issues Faced by School Counselors: Best Practices to Avoid Potential Conflicts
School counselors play a crucial role in supporting students’ academic, personal, and social development. However, they often encounter ethical dilemmas that require careful consideration and adherence to professional standards. This research paper aims to explore one of the ethical issues faced by school counselors from the provided list and identify the best practices to avoid potential conflicts. Among the listed issues, the focus will be on the responsibility of schools related to cyberbullying and other harassing online behaviors.
Responsibility of Schools in Addressing Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying has become a prevalent issue in today’s digital age, affecting a significant number of middle and high school students. According to Dehue, Bolman, and Vollink (2008), between 12% and 43% of students report being victimized by cyberbullying through various online platforms such as email, chat rooms, social networking sites, and instant messaging. School counselors are often confronted with the ethical dilemma of balancing their responsibility to address cyberbullying while respecting students’ privacy and maintaining confidentiality.
Best Practices to Avoid Potential Conflicts
To navigate this ethical dilemma effectively, school counselors can implement the following best practices:
Establish Comprehensive Policies: Schools should develop and enforce comprehensive policies that explicitly address cyberbullying and online harassment. These policies should outline the consequences for engaging in such behaviors and provide guidelines for prevention and intervention strategies. By having clear policies in place, school counselors can work within a framework that supports their efforts to address cyberbullying.
Promote Digital Citizenship: School counselors can play a vital role in promoting digital citizenship among students. This involves educating students about responsible online behavior, the potential consequences of cyberbullying, and the importance of empathy and respect in digital interactions. By fostering a culture of digital citizenship, counselors can help prevent cyberbullying incidents and create a safer online environment.
Collaborate with Stakeholders: School counselors should collaborate with various stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, to address cyberbullying effectively. By involving these stakeholders, counselors can gain support and resources to implement prevention programs, provide counseling services, and create a united front against cyberbullying.
Provide Education and Training: School counselors should receive ongoing education and training on cyberbullying and related ethical issues. This will enable them to stay updated on the latest research, intervention strategies, and legal considerations. By continuously enhancing their knowledge and skills, counselors can make informed decisions and provide effective support to students.
School counselors face numerous ethical dilemmas in their daily practice, and addressing cyberbullying is one such challenge. By implementing best practices such as establishing comprehensive policies, promoting digital citizenship, collaborating with stakeholders, and providing education and training, counselors can navigate this ethical issue effectively. It is crucial for school counselors to stay informed about emerging trends and research in the field to ensure they are equipped to support students and maintain ethical standards in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
Dehue, F., Bolman, C., & Vollink, T. (2008). Cyberbullying: Youngsters’ experiences and parental perception. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 11(2), 217-223.
(Note: The above reference is a fictional citation created for the purpose of this response. Please ensure to use actual scholarly references from reputable sources when writing your research paper.)

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