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Posted: September 6th, 2023

Assessment Brief Nursing and Midwifery

Assessment Brief
Nursing and Midwifery

Ass. Item # Assessment Type
As stated in CAPS
Click on textbox below to select the CAPS Assessment Type Assessment Description
As stated in CAPS Weighting Word count
1 Essay Contemporary topic 50 % 1750 wordsDue date and submission information
Submit via in Canvas by
25th August, 2023 at 5 pm. Please ensure that you have read and understood the ‘before you submit an assignment’ information attached to this assignment brief.
Why am I doing this assessment?
This assignment will help you to understand and demonstrate the following unit learning outcomes
Critique best practice principles for teaching in the clinical environment
Evaluate common research principles used by health service organisations
Discuss strategies for implementing evidence-based practice into clinical care.

By completing these ULOs, you are demonstrating that you are working towards the following course learning outcomes (CLOs) and therefore, the related professional standards:
1 Access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information from multiple sources using digital technologies to inform nursing practice
2 Anticipate and identify potential challenges and develop appropriate nursing strategies/solutions
3 Apply broad health knowledge to a range of theoretical and practical nursing situations
4 Critically analyse, interpret, and conceptualise complex nursing practice
6 Demonstrate autonomy, accountability and judgement for own learning and professional nursing practice in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia standards for practice
9 Work collaboratively within the nursing team and with other health care professionals to ethically and effectively respond to diverse health care challenges. ?
Employability skills addressed
Select all that apply
X Reflective practice
X Self-awareness
X Opportunity awareness
X Transition learning
X Specialist skills (course specific)
X Self-efficacy
X Critical thinking X Professional identity
X Problem solving X Resilience
X Communication X Interpersonal skills
X Digital literacy X Interprofessional coordination
X Conflict resolution
Creativity and Innovation X Emotional intelligence

Essay week 5: Critically analyse the role of research as a key aspect of learning and teaching in your clinical practice. Use one example of your own learning or teaching on clinical practice to support your discussion.
The assessment instructions have been designed to enable you to understand what is required to succeed in this assignment.
The aim of this assessment task is to critically discuss the links between research and teaching in clinical practice. By critically discuss I mean discuss the importance of, the strengths and weaknesses of basing learning on research (there are both). Take one of your own experiences from clinical (either when you were on clinical experience OR when working as AIN etc. and use this where appropriate to illustrate your points. This an academic piece of work so you will also have to reference the points you make. Your work should have headings, paragraphs and follow the TEEL framework. See below for suggested word counts and layout for paragraphs. Weeks 1-3 will help you with this assessment.
Format and Structure
This assessment should be created following the conventions of an academic essay, consisting of the standard structure of an introduction, body of text and a conclusion. Make sure you follow the SNM assignment writing guidelines for formatting. Referencing should follow APA7th style for this assessment (see tip sheet provided).
What you should include
Please use headings to structure your writing for this assignment (suggestions only below)
Title – choose one that reflects the subject matter for this essay
Introduction (250 words approx.)
An introduction paragraph, including opinion about the topics you are analysing
• Include a statement that outlines the structure and purpose of the paper
• Introduce key elements that will be outlined in the essay.
• This section needs to clearly summarise the topics you are analysing and set the scene for the reader.
Learning and Teaching in clinical practice (500-600 words)
The role of research as part of teaching in clinical practice (600-700 words)
Conclusion (200 words)
A conclusion should just be a summing up of the main points you made throughout the preceding essay. Is should not
Reference List
Connecting your learning
Assessment tasks in this course are designed to give you opportunities to integrate what you learn into or from other units.
Marking rubric
The marking rubric (below) has been has also attached to the assessment in Canvas.
Feedback and moderation
Your results and feedback will be released within 15 working days on 21stSeptember 2022 in Canvas.
All unit assessments are subject to a robust moderation process. Note that results are not final until they are officially released at the end of semester following ratification at the progression panel and are therefore subject to change.
Additional Resources
SNM Assessment guidelines
Based on the information provided, it seems you have been tasked with writing a 1750 word essay critically analyzing the role of research as a key aspect of learning and teaching in clinical practice. This aligns well with the unit and course learning outcomes focused on evidence-based practice, critical thinking, and applying knowledge to real-world nursing situations.
A good place to start would be exploring the links between research and clinical teaching/learning. Some key points to discuss include:
How research findings help to inform best practices and improve patient outcomes. Using research evidence as the basis for clinical decision-making.
The role of research in developing the knowledge and skills of nursing students/trainees through various teaching methods like case studies, simulations, etc.
Challenges of translating research into practice due to issues like lack of resources, staff buy-in, applicability to specific patient populations. Strategies to address these challenges.
An example from your own clinical experience where research impacted your learning or teaching approach. How did incorporating evidence shape your understanding?
In terms of structure, a TEEL paragraph model is suggested: Topic sentence introducing the point, Evidence to support it, Explanation of the evidence, Link/conclusion tying it back to the overarching discussion. I would organize it with the following headings:
I. Introduction
II. Links between research and clinical teaching/learning
III. Role of research in developing nursing knowledge and skills
IV. Barriers and strategies for research translation
V. Conclusion

NUM3612 Assessment 1 marking Rubric

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