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Posted: August 20th, 2023

Topic 14 Assignment

Topic 14
Assessment Description
You have now viewed videos on the seven servant leadership principles (power, authority, rule, headship, servant, example, humility). Reflect on your practicum and summarize your experience in relation to these seven principles. Discuss strategies you could use to integrate these principles into a leadership role.

During my practicum, I had the opportunity to observe and experience various aspects of leadership, which allowed me to reflect on the seven servant leadership principles: power, authority, rule, headship, servant, example, and humility. Here is a summary of my experience in relation to these principles and some strategies I could use to integrate them into a leadership role:

Power: In my practicum, I noticed that effective leaders understand the power dynamics within their team and use power to empower others rather than control them. They encourage participation, collaboration, and shared decision-making. To integrate this principle into a leadership role, I would strive to create a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to contribute their ideas and take ownership of their work.

Authority: Leaders with authority in my practicum demonstrated a deep understanding of their responsibilities and effectively communicated expectations to team members. They maintained a balance between being approachable and maintaining authority, fostering respect and accountability. To integrate this principle, I would focus on developing clear and consistent communication channels, setting expectations, and providing guidance to foster a positive working relationship.

Rule: While leaders have to establish rules and guidelines to ensure productivity and a harmonious work environment, servant leaders recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptation. They consider the unique needs and circumstances of their team members, allowing for individual growth and fostering a supportive culture. To integrate this principle, I would emphasize the importance of open dialogue, actively seeking feedback, and adjusting rules when necessary to accommodate the team’s evolving needs.

Headship: In my practicum, effective leaders demonstrated strong headship by providing guidance, mentorship, and direction. They fostered an environment of trust, where team members felt comfortable seeking guidance and support. To integrate this principle, I would focus on developing relationships with team members, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and providing the necessary support to help them succeed.

Servant: Servant leadership emphasizes the leader’s commitment to serving others and putting their needs first. During my practicum, I observed leaders who actively sought opportunities to assist their team members, removed obstacles, and ensured their well-being. To integrate this principle, I would prioritize active listening, empathy, and consistently supporting and advocating for my team members.

Example: Leaders who lead by example inspire their team members to follow suit. In my practicum, I noticed that leaders who exhibited high standards of ethics, professionalism, and dedication influenced their team positively. To integrate this principle, I would focus on being a role model by embodying the qualities and values I expect from my team, demonstrating integrity, and fostering a positive work culture.

Humility: Humility is an essential trait of servant leadership, as it allows leaders to acknowledge their limitations, admit mistakes, and learn from others. During my practicum, I observed leaders who demonstrated humility by valuing and appreciating their team’s contributions, seeking feedback, and constantly learning and growing. To integrate this principle, I would strive to cultivate a culture that values humility, encourages continuous improvement, and acknowledges the collective efforts of the team.

To integrate these seven servant leadership principles into a leadership role, I would focus on building strong relationships with team members, promoting open communication, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, and continuously reflecting on my own leadership practices. By embracing these principles, I believe I can create a positive and empowering leadership style that encourages collaboration, growth, and the success of the entire team.

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