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Posted: August 20th, 2023

Strategic Analysis and Development of

Title and
count/ Hrs
Weight Submission
feedback is
Assessment 1
Case Study
3,750 words 75% 24/07/2023 Turnitin 25/09/2023
1, 2, 3
Choose a company with which either you are familiar (a company that you work, or you have
worked) or you can find enough publicly available information. Identify the key strategic
objectives of the company and investigate its current performance against those objectives.
Then, perform an analysis of the external and internal environment of the company with the goal
to develop a new strategy for the senior management to help the company improve its position.
Prepare a management report (3,750 words) for the senior management developing the full
business case.
Note: The same company will be used in Assessment 2 and it should have a portfolio of
products/services that is suitable for it.
General Guide
The following is a suggested broad structure:
Brief background to the company, including vision/ mission, and current strategic objectives.
Analysis of the company’s external/ internal situation – using, PESTEL Analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces
and Porter’s Value Chain, plus any other tools you consider relevant. This should be summarised
via a SWOT.
Development of a new strategy (or strategies), and evaluation using Suitability/ Feasibility/
Acceptability (SFA Model).
Evaluate or summarise the appropriateness of the strategy you built.
Advisory note on case study writing:
The following guidelines may be of help: they will be used in assessing submitted reports:
 Apply the concepts and approaches learned from lectures and from outside reading
 Develop arguments in a logical way and support them with evidence. Do not repeat or
needlessly reiterate data.
 The evidence should come from credible academic and professional sources and should be
properly cited in Harvard Style.
 Answers that exceed the stated word length or that exhibit poor layout, incorrect use of
grammar and spelling mistakes/typing errors will be penalized.
 Write impersonally throughout the report.
 Good exhibits (tables, charts, diagrams etc.) can convey large amounts of information in an
effective way and are not included in word – counts. They should be legible, clear,
meaningful, and referenced and used in arguments.
 Focus on the major points. Separate important from the trivial, the relevant from the
irrelevant, and the causes from the symptoms.
 Make decisions: do not sit on the fence. There is rarely a wrong decision, but there can be
poorly argued decision.
Submission Guidelines
The assignment should be submitted on Turnitin by the appropriate deadlines, including an
official front sheet (see Aegean College Online Portal).
If you are not sure what, where and when to submit to Turnitin, for training on using Turnitin or
if you accidentally submit the wrong file or to the wrong Turnitin Assignment, please contact
General Guidance
For all written work, standard academic presentation is required, but please note that:
• Full referencing using the Harvard system which includes a single alphabetical order
bibliography containing all sources used for each piece of work is required.
• All submitted work must use the Times New Roman or Calibri font, regular style, 1.5
spacing and font size 12.
• Work in excess of the word limit will be penalised.
Special Arrangements for Assessments
There are provisions for special arrangements covering assessments. Please contact Student
Support for details and advise the module tutor of agreed arrangements.
Grade GRADE E- FAIL 0-39% D- FAIL 40-49%
Focus of assignment/
project for assessment
Some sense of focus but
not articulated in key
questions. No reflection
on relationship of key
questions to study and
little awareness of issues
involved. No sense of
direction and no
Some sense of focus and
partial articulation in key
questions. Little reflection
on relationship between
questions and study and
limited awareness of
issues involved. Limited
relationship between key
questions and conclusions.
Key questions acknowledged and
reflection on relationship
between questions and study.
Some awareness of the issues
involved and discernible
relationship between objectives
of the study, i.e. questions to be
answered and conclusions.
Key questions clearly stated
and sound reflection on
relationship of questions to
process of study. Issues well
covered and conclusions
should be informative in
relation to objectives of
Good questioning with clear
expression of relationship
between questions and process
of study. Good range of issues
identified and distinctive
approach to dealing with them.
Conclusions clearly related to
objectives of the assignment
and expressing a degree of
Use of Literature
Evidence of some reading
but weak selection and
uncritically presented.
Evidence of adequate
reading but limited critical
presentation. Little
recognition of issues
apparent in reading.
Evidence of sound reading. Some
critical presentation and
recognition of the issues implicit
in the literature.
Evidence of good reading –
well selected from key texts.
Critical analysis of literature
and good exposition of
issues implicit in literature.
Excellent range of well selected
reading. Good critical analysis
of text including original and
perceptive observations. Issues
implicit in the literature made
explicit and integral to the
Relationship of
perspectives to
Some awareness of
relationship between
theoretical perspectives
and context but
insufficiently articulated to
illuminate either the
theory or the practice.
Some awareness of
relationship between
theoretical perspectives
and practical context with
some articulation.
A sound awareness of the
relationship of
perspectives to practical
circumstances and a clear
articulation of this relationship.
Some indication of an awareness
of the way in which each
illuminates the other.
A sound understanding of
the relationship between
the theoretical perspectives
and the practical
circumstances and a clear
articulation of this
relationship including how
observations might affect
the theoretical/conceptual
framework and vice versa.
An excellent understanding of
the relationship between
perspectives and the practical
context and a clear articulation
of this relationship. A
distinctive analysis of the
illumination offered by each to
the other and an awareness of
any general issues that might
derive from this particular
Organisation and
Organisation is weak and
study route is unclear.
Supporting material is not
fully available and
Organisation is just
sufficient to support the
study. Most supporting
material is represented in
appendices and
Organisation is clearly sufficient
to support the study. All
supporting material is presented
and the referencing is sound as is
the bibliography. Spelling and
Organisation fully supports
the study. All supporting
materials are well selected,
ordered and presented. The
referencing is accurate to a
Organisation is excellent and
both support the study and the
argument. All supporting
materials are well presented
and in good order. The
referencing is weak.
Bibliography very united.
referencing is adequate.
Bibliography is limited.
grammatical construction should
be accurate.
high degree. Bibliography is
referencing is accurate to a high
degree and the bibliography is

ASSESSMENT 1: Individual Case Study

Title: Strategic Analysis and Development of [Company Name]

In this assessment, we will conduct a comprehensive case study focusing on [Company Name], a renowned organization in the [industry sector]. The objective of this analysis is to identify the key strategic objectives of the company, evaluate its current performance against these objectives, and propose a new strategy to improve its market position. This management report will serve as a valuable resource for the senior management team, aiding them in making informed decisions to enhance the company’s overall performance.

Executive Summary:
The executive summary will provide a concise overview of the report’s key findings, recommendations, and the proposed strategy for [Company Name]. This section will encapsulate the most critical aspects of the analysis, enabling senior management to quickly grasp the main points and proposed actions.

Introduction to the Company:
In this section, we will provide a brief background of [Company Name], including its mission, vision, and current strategic objectives. By understanding the company’s existing goals, we can assess its performance more effectively and align our proposed strategy with its long-term aspirations.

External/Internal Analysis:
To gain a comprehensive understanding of [Company Name]’s position, we will conduct both external and internal analyses. The external analysis will employ tools such as PESTEL Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and Porter’s Value Chain. These analyses will shed light on the company’s competitive environment, opportunities, threats, and value chain activities. In addition, we will perform an internal analysis to assess the company’s strengths, weaknesses, resources, and capabilities. The culmination of these analyses will be presented in a SWOT analysis, which will offer crucial insights into the company’s current standing and potential areas for improvement.

Strategy Development:
Building on the insights gained from the analyses, this section will focus on developing a new strategy (or strategies) for [Company Name]. The proposed strategy will align with the company’s strategic objectives and address the opportunities and challenges identified in the SWOT analysis. We will employ the Suitability/Feasibility/Acceptability (SFA) Model to evaluate the viability of the proposed strategy and its potential to drive positive outcomes.

Conclusions and Recommendations:
In this final section, we will summarize the appropriateness of the proposed strategy for [Company Name]. The conclusions will be drawn based on the analysis of the company’s internal and external environment and its alignment with the strategic objectives. Moreover, we will provide recommendations for implementing the new strategy successfully, including potential risks and mitigation strategies.

Advisory Note on Case Study Writing:
To ensure the quality and credibility of the report, we will adhere to the following guidelines:

Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of strategic management concepts discussed in lectures and relevant literature.
Present arguments in a logical manner, supported by evidence from credible academic and professional sources, appropriately cited in Harvard Style.
Avoid excessive wordiness, grammar errors, and spelling mistakes, as these can impact the report’s clarity and professionalism.
Maintain an impersonal writing style, focusing on conveying information objectively and concisely.
Utilize well-designed exhibits (e.g., tables, charts, diagrams) to support and clarify arguments, which are not included in the word count.
Make well-grounded decisions and avoid ambiguity in the conclusions.
Submission Guidelines:
The assignment must be submitted on Turnitin by the specified deadline, along with an official front sheet. The report should follow standard academic presentation guidelines, including full referencing using the Harvard system, Times New Roman or Calibri font, 1.5 spacing, and font size 12.

Marking Criteria: Report
The assessment will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Focus of assignment/project for assessment (35%): Clarity of the report’s focus, articulation of key questions, and relevance to the study’s objectives.
Use of Literature (15%): Extent and criticality of the sources used to support the analysis and recommendations.
Relationship of theoretical perspectives to practical circumstances (30%): Understanding and articulation of how theoretical concepts relate to the practical context of [Company Name].
Organisation and Presentation (20%): Clarity, coherence, and structure of the report, including appropriate use of supporting materials, accurate referencing, and bibliography.

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