MSN 5550 Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease

MSN 5550 Health Promotion: Prevention of Disease
Case Study Module 8
Instructions: Read the following case study and answer the reflective questions. Please provide
evidence-based rationales for your answers. APA, 7th ed. must be followed.
Due: Saturday by 23:59 pm
CASE STUDY: Active Labor: Susan Wong
Mrs. Wong, a first-time mother, is admitted to the birthing suite in early labor after
spontaneous rupture of membranes at home. She is at 38 weeks of gestation with a history of
abnormal alpha-fetoprotein levels at 16 weeks of pregnancy.
She was scheduled for ultrasonography to visualize the fetus to rule out an open spinal defect
or Down syndrome, but never followed through. Mrs. Wong and her husband disagreed about
what to do (keep or terminate the pregnancy) if the ultrasonography indicated a spinal
problem, so they felt they did not want this information.
Reflective Questions
1. As the nurse, what priority data would you collect from this couple to help define
relevant interventions to meet their needs?
2. How can you help this couple if they experience a negative outcome in the birthing
suite? What are your personal views on terminating or continuing a pregnancy with a
risk of a potential anomaly? What factors may influence your views?
3. With the influence of the recent Human Genome Project and the possibility of
predicting open spinal defects earlier in pregnancy, how will maternity care change in
the future? Discussion:
Compare and contrast the growth and developmental patterns of two toddlers of different ages using Gordon’s functional health patterns.
Describe and apply the components of Gordon’s functional health patterns as it applies to toddlers.

Explain the importance of growth and development theory as a framework for assessing and promoting health.
Outline Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development.
Differentiate Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of cognitive development.
Compare Kohlberg’s and Gilligan’s theories of cognitive moral development.
Outline the nursing role during labor and birth with a focus on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of the woman giving birth and her family.
Evaluate the influence of factors such as ethnicity, legislative priorities, and the sociopolitical context of the health care delivery system on prenatal and childbirth care and the needs of families.
Word limit 500 words.
Please make sure to provide citations and references (in APA, 7th ed. format) for your work.

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