MMK325 – Strategic Marketing Assessment Task #3

MMK325 – Strategic Marketing – Trimester 1 2023
Assessment Task #3 – Case Study and Simulation (Report) – Individual
DUE DATE: Monday, 5th June 2023, 8pm (Melbourne time)
PERCENTAGE OF FINAL GRADE: 25% (Case study reports 20% and Simulation Reflection 5%)
WORD COUNT: Maximum 2000 words (Case: 1600 words, Simulation: 400 words)

This assignment consists of two brief case study reports and a reflection on the simulation activity conducted during the seminar.

Importance of Case Study Reports:
Case studies are valuable tools that provide examples to illustrate principles, stimulate discussions, and facilitate learning. A case study report goes beyond description and involves critical analysis, typically examining a situation or institution to make recommendations. Case study analyses are included in many courses to help students understand the constraints involved in decision-making. They require investigating a business problem, exploring alternative solutions, and proposing the most effective solution with supporting evidence. Organizations like Unilever and P&G use business case studies in their interview process to assess problem-solving skills. This assignment aims to help students achieve such objectives and enhance critical analysis, even for those working full-time.

Importance of Simulation Reflection:
In MMK325, a Harvard Simulation on Marketing Strategy Decision Making is conducted based on real-time simulated company/brand data. These simulations are usually held in Week 9 or 10. The purpose of the simulation is to empower students to make decisions in real-time and over time to reposition or revamp a brand. The simulation provides an authentic and proximal learning experience, even for those working full-time. As part of the assessment, students are required to write a short reflection on their simulation experience.

Specific Requirements:
Part 1: Case Study Reports (1600 words total, each case 800 words) (20%)

Analyze and prepare a report for two case studies discussed during the seminars.
No outside research is required.
Assignments are based on surname alphabetical order:
Surnames A to L: Case #1: Azure: Building an Online Influencer Community for Growing Platform Business and Case #3: KPJ Healthcare: Service Internationalization.
Surnames M to Z: Case #2: engageSPARK: ‘Democratizing’ Technology for Societal Good and Case #4: Expansion to Foreign Markets: Usaflex.
Case Study Report format:
Submit both reports in one Word document.
Total word count for this part: 1600 words (800 words per case study).
Each case study should include the following sections:
Identification and justification of the main issues/problems (approx. 200 words)
Comments on effective alternative solutions (approx. 200 words)
Proposed best solution, justification, and implementation plan (approx. 400 words)
Part 2: Simulation Reflection (400 words) (5%)

Write a reflection on the simulation experience based on the following structure:
Reflect on successes/failings experienced while making decisions.
Discuss challenges faced during decision-making in the simulation.
Briefly (30-50 words): Explain how the key lessons learned from the simulation can be implemented in practice.
Learning Outcomes:
This task assesses the following Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO) aligned with the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLO):
ULO 1: Apply the theoretical underpinnings of strategic marketing to key issues and decision-making techniques in planning and implementing marketing strategy in local and global contexts. (GLO1. Discipline knowledge and capabilities)
ULO 3: Analyze information supplied from a case and identify the core issues, evaluate and recommend appropriate marketing strategies that incorporate economic, social, and ethical perspectives. (GLO4. Critical thinking, GLO6. Self-management)


Submit the assignment in the Assignment Dropbox on the unit’s CloudDeakin site before the due date.
Name the document using the following syntax:

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