HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics

HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics
Also, keep in mind that citing your sources is a two-step process. You need to provide a matching in-text citation for all sources noted on the reference page.
Deliverable 1 – The Financial and Economic Impact of Expansion
Compare and contrast the role of finance and economics in the management of health systems in the U.S. and international markets.
Metropolitan Memorial is a large healthcare organization in a major city. The hospital has been providing medical care to the patrons of the state for 10 years but recently has noticed that the competition has been affecting its financial growth. The board that governs the hospital has decided that they would like to expand their patient niche into the rural portions of the state. The CEO of Metropolitan Memorial has made you the team leader of the group in charge of analyzing the financial and economic impact of the expansion.
Powerpoint – 14 slides
Please focus your research on one international market with a universal health care system), such as Canada, Japan or Switzerland, etc. You should also discuss the positive economic impact that universal health care has had on that country. It would be best if you used specific economic statistics to support your points.
Before initiating the plans for expansion, the CEO has requested you complete a project proposal using presentation software such as PowerPoint using speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration. Your presentations shouldaddressesthe following key points:
Examine an international market in which expanding coverage of care yielded a positive economic impact.
Identify an appropriate healthcare delivery model for the expansion of care.
Thislinkhas information for creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Here is alinkto information about adding speaker notes.
Here is alinkto information about creating a voiceover narration using Screencast-O-Matic.
HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics
Deliverable 2 – Budget Shortfalls
Employ contemporary economic principles that guide resource allocation decisions in health organizations.
Upon reviewing the annual budget and fiscal standing of Metropolitan Memorial, the CFO has identified shortfalls that will impact the funding of its proposed expansion into rural communities. To secure adequate funding from the Board, the operational team must reduce the current operating budget by a million dollars.
Memo – 6 pages
Be sure to discuss several examples of quality of care thoroughly. It may be beneficial to use specific quality of care measures, such as timeliness of care, mortality, or readmission rates, and explain how budget cuts might impact these. Be sure to select a specific service line, such as cardiology, rhinoplasty, oncology, orthopedics, etc. Once you identify a specific service line be sure to thoroughly address five possible ways in which the service line may maximize resource allocation.
The CFO requests that you draft a memo to the Board providing justification for the additional funding in light of the shortfall. You should review the current literature to support your justification. Your memo should include the following information based on the literature:
Explain the possible impact of resource allocation within rural communities.
Discuss the factors that may affect the quality of care by reducing healthcare resources to accommodate budgetary constraints.
Discuss a potential service line and five possible ways in which the service line may maximize resource allocation.
This link has information about writing a memo.
HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics
Deliverable 3 – Payment Models and Value-Based Care Delivery
Evaluate the role and impact of financial principles on healthcare organizations.
Metropolitan Memorial is seeking to expand its service offerings into underserved rural communities. The Board of Directors has expressed concerns given the emergence of new payment models, low reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid, and uncertainty in terms of provider incentives offered through the Affordable Care Act. The Board of Directors has requested an executive summary outlining the organization’s financial viability given the challenges facing health organizations, particularly those operating in rural communities.
Executive summary – 6 pages
Be sure to address reducing per capita costs of health care. When discussing payer mix, be sure to explain the impact of payer mix on revenue thoroughly. You may also want to add a discussion about the impact of revenue from Medicare and Medicaid patients.When discussing value-based healthcare delivery, be sure to thoroughly address how this methodology can be used to save cost. You should also include multiple examples to support your points.
The CEO has asked you to prepare an executive summary to present to the Board of Trustees, discussing the following information:
Identify the different types of healthcare payment models that could be utilized by Metropolitan Memorial.
Research the Triple AIM and discuss ways the organization can achieve the goals of the Triple AIM (improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capital costs of health care ).
Discuss possible ways the payer mix may impact hospital revenue.
Explain how value-based healthcare delivery could be utilized to save money.
This link has information about creating an executive summary.
HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics
Deliverable 4 – Conducting a Comparative Financial Analysis
Analyze financial statements to assess performance and to ensure organizational improvement and long-term viability.
In an ongoing effort to explore the feasibility of expanding services into rural areas of the state, leadership at Memorial Hospital has determined that conducting a review of its financial condition will be essential to ensuring the organization’s ability to successfully achieve its expansion goals.
Executive summary – 6 pages
The CFO has provided you with a copy of the organization’s financial statements.
Metropolitan-Memorial-Hospital-Financial-Statements.docx – will post in the chat window
This information will be critical in evaluating the organization’s financial capacity to support the proposed expansion of services into the rural areas of the state.
You are asked to review these financial statements (which include the Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, and the Balance Sheet) and prepare an executive summary outlining the financial strength of the organization and evidence to support the expansion. Your executive summary should include the following:
An overview of the issue.
A review of critical financial ratios (Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, and Efficiency) based on financial statements.
Inferences of forecasts, estimates, interpretations, and conclusions based on the key ratios.
Provide a recommendation based on ration analysis.
This link has information for creating an executive summary.
HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics
Deliverable 5 – Revenue Cycle Management and Reimbursement Models
Apply principles of finance and accounting to healthcare outcomes, reimbursements, and business operations.
After an evaluation of its current financial status and an assessment of future industry trends, the governing board for Metropolitan Memorial has approved its CEO’s request to expand operations into the rural areas of the state. Many rural residents rely upon Medicare and Medicaid for the financing of their healthcare needs. The hospital will offer satellite services including primary care, urgent care, telehealth, and emergent care services. The hospital is embracing the concept of value-based care given the economic makeup of the population within the rural community. Value-based care focuses on advancing the triple aim strategy of providing better care for individuals, improving population health management initiatives, and reducing overall health costs.
Powerpoint – 14 slides
The CEO has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation (using speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration) outlining the revenue cycle management process. Your presentation should include a discussion on value-based care models as introduced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), such as ACOs and the Medicare Shared Savings Program. In addition, based on the research you’ve done, you will need to include a recommendation for a possible strategy to strengthen the organization’s financial operations in preparation for the transition to value-based care.
This link has information for creating a PowerPoint presentation.
Here is a link to information about adding speaker notes.
Here is a link to information about creating a voiceover narration using Screencast-O-Matic.
HSA5400 – Healthcare Financial Management and Economics
Deliverable 6 – Preparing an Operating Budget
Prepare a financial budget that supports improved business and patient outcomes.
One year ago, Metropolitan Memorial expanded its operations into a rural community located approximated a hundred miles from its main facility. The clinic offers a wide array of outpatient services. As the Senior Accountant, you are reviewing the clinic’s operating budget from the previous year. You have been asked by the hospital’s chief administrator to create a new six-month operations budget for the clinic.
Operating-Budget.xlsx – will post in the chat window
Memo – 6 pages
Using an Excel spreadsheet, create a new six-month budget for the clinic that includes the following revenue and expense projections:
The clinic’s revenue is projected to grow by approximately 3% as a result of a new managed care contract.
The cost of expenses is expected to increase to 1.5%.
The clinic will also be adding a new roof to the facility at a projected cost of $50,000.
Then prepare a memo for the chief administrator. The memo should include a review of the previous year’s budget, an analysis of the upcoming changes (figures above), and a discussion about the impacts that these changes will have on the budget for the upcoming year.
You can find Excel resources at thislink.
Thislinkhas information about writing a memo.

Metropolitan Memorial Hospital
(Balance Sheet)
(in thousands)
2018 2017
Current Assets
Cash $124 $280
Temporary Investments 45 30
Receivables, Net $1,536 $1,340
Inventory 175 140
Prepaid Expenses 32 40
Total Current Assets
Long-term Investments 1,010 600
Plant and Equipment 6,980 6,580
Less accumulated depreciation (1,730) (1,660)
Plant and Equipment, net 5,250 4,920
Total Assets $8,172 $7,350
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $302 $370
Accrued Expense Payable 208 220
Deferred Revenues 77 60
Total Current Liabilities 587 650
Long-term liabilities 3,000 2,400
Total Liabilities 3,587 3,050
Net Assets
Unrestricted 3,285 3,000
Temporarily Restricted 700 700
Permanently Restricted 600 600
Total net assets 4,585 4,300
Total liabilities and net assets $8,172 $7,350
Metropolitan Memorial Hospital Statement of Operations
(Income Statement)
2018 2017
Gross patient services revenue (non-GAAP*) $9,490 $8,870
Less deductions from revenues (non-GAAP) (890) (780)
Net patient services revenues 8,600 8,090
Other operating revenues 633 519
Total operating revenues 9,233 8,609
Operating expenses
Salaries and wages 5,678 5,497
Supplies 850 823
Utilities 576 558
Insurance 46 44
Depreciation 173 168
Interest 146 142
Bad Debts 375 363
Other operating expenses 1,299 987
Total operating expenses 9,143 8,582
Operating Income 90 27
Nonoperating Income 195 154
Excess of revenues over expenses $285 $181
Changes in net assets
Unrestricted $285 $181
Temporarily restricted – –
Permanently restricted – –
Total changes in net assets 285 181
*GAAP = generally accepted accounting principles
Metropolitan Memorial Hospital
(Statement of Cash Flows)
Cash Flows from Operating Activities
Cash received from patient and third-party payers $8,404
Cash received from other operating revenue sources 650
Cash received from nonoperating revenue sources 180
Cash payments to employees (4,500)
Cash payments to suppliers of goods and services (4203)
Net cash flow from operating activities $ 531
Cash Flows from Investing Activities
Cash payments for the purchase of plant assets (940)
Cash payments for purchase of long-term investments (450)
Proceeds from sales of plant assets 54
Proceeds from sale of long-term investments 49
Net cash flow from investing activities (1,287)
Cash Flows from Financing Activities
Proceeds from Issuance of 6% bonds payable 3,000
Principal payments on long-term debt (400)
Cash payments to retire 7% bonds payable (2,000)
Net cash flow from financing activities 600
Net increase / (decrease) in cash $(156)

Deliverable 1 – The Financial and Economic Impact of Expansion

Slide 1:
Title: The Financial and Economic Impact of Expansion
Subtitle: Metropolitan Memorial Hospital

Slide 2:

Metropolitan Memorial Hospital’s plan to expand its patient niche into rural areas.
Research on an international market with universal healthcare: Canada.
Slide 3:
Positive Economic Impact of Universal Healthcare in Canada:

Canada has a universal healthcare system, providing care to all residents.
Economic statistics:
Health expenditure as a percentage of GDP: 10.9% (source: World Bank).
Life expectancy: 82 years (source: World Bank).
Infant mortality rate: 4.8 deaths per 1,000 live births (source: World Bank).
Slide 4:
Healthcare Delivery Model for Expansion:

Adoption of the Canadian healthcare delivery model.
Key features:
Publicly funded healthcare system.
Coverage for essential medical services.
Emphasis on primary care and preventive measures.
Slide 5:
Benefits of the Canadian Healthcare Delivery Model:

Improved access to healthcare for rural populations.
Reduced financial barriers to healthcare services.
Better population health outcomes.
Enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Slide 6:

Expansion into rural areas with the Canadian healthcare delivery model can have a positive economic impact.
Improved access to care and better health outcomes for underserved populations.
Slide 7:

World Bank. (Year). [Title of the data]. Retrieved from [URL].

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