Health Policy Analysis and Improvement Assessment 3: Major Policy Analysis

Health Policy Analysis and Improvement

Assessment 3: Major Policy Analysis

Assignment Type: Major Policy Analysis
Weighting: 50%
Word Count / Length: 2000 words
Student Intended Learning Outcomes (SILOs): 1, 2, 3, 4
Due Date: Wednesday of Week 7, 23.59 (Melbourne time*)

*For the current Melbourne time, please refer to the information under the Assessment tile in the LMS of this subject.

Topic Overview:
This assessment requires an examination and critique of a policy issue that interests you, followed by the proposal of realistic improvements.

Assessment Criteria:
This assessment aims to evaluate your ability to:

Provide a comprehensive introduction to the selected topic, including its institutional and policy environment and history, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the relevant policy context (20%).
Conduct an insightful analysis of the chosen policy issue, identifying all influencing factors, actors, and the key strengths and weaknesses of current and/or proposed positions (20%).
Propose realistic and achievable policy improvements, supported by a sound analysis and relevant evidence (20%).
Utilize high-quality, relevant, and credible evidence to support the analysis and arguments (20%).
Prepare a well-structured and well-written report with excellent spelling and grammar, ensuring at least 80% of references are correctly cited in APA7 style (20%).

Examine and critique a policy issue of interest and propose realistic improvements.
Analyze the historical development of the policy issue.
Assess the factors that have influenced policy development and implementation, including institutions and actors.
Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses (benefits and costs) of current and/or proposed policy positions.
Propose policy improvements that consider practical implementation.
Incorporate at least one theory/framework/model into the analysis to provide background/context/explanation of the policy’s development, guide the analysis, and/or discuss proposed improvements.
This report offers the main opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in policy analysis, development, and advocacy. The balance between each element may vary depending on your topic. You need to showcase an understanding of the following areas:

Familiarity with major state, national, and international institutions and arrangements that influence and shape the selected policy.
Familiarity with the contemporary policy environment in the field of health policy.
Familiarity with the leading arguments and main political forces associated with the policy under study.
Choice of Topics:
We recommend building on the topic selected for Assessment 1.

If you wish to analyze another topic, you must discuss the topic and intended approach with your tutor before starting work on Assessment 3. Alternate topics may only be used with permission from your tutor.

Word Count:
Word count: 2000 words +/– 10%. The reference list is not included in the word count.

Submission Format:
Prepare your report as a Word document using an essay-style format with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Subheadings are optional but will contribute to the word count.

Once you have finalized your report, save it as a PDF file (in Word, this function is found under the File menu), and submit it via the submission link.

Please note that Turnitin is used for all assessments in PHE5POL. Ensure that you carefully and correctly cite all source material.

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