Assess how effectively Kent Thiry used the principles of “Model the Way

Address these first two questions briefly.

Assess how effectively Kent Thiry used the principles of “Model the Way” from Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge and “Make Your Values Mean Something” by Patrick M. Lencioni to be an exemplary leader.
Consider which of these principles were used most effectively and which principles were used least effectively.
Addressing this third question should be the main focus of your assignment. Assume you are creating a personal leadership development plan for Kent Thiry based on the principles in this module.

What should Kent Thiry have done to use the principles from “Model the Way” and “Make Your Values Mean Something” more effectively to have become an even more exemplary leader?

To assess how effectively Kent Thiry used the principles of “Model the Way” and “Make Your Values Mean Something” to be an exemplary leader, we need more information about his leadership style and actions. However, based on the provided principles, we can make some general observations:

“Model the Way” from Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge:
Kent Thiry could have demonstrated the principle of “Model the Way” by setting a clear example of the behaviors and actions he expected from his team. This includes consistently following through on commitments, displaying integrity, and aligning his actions with the organization’s values and mission.

“Make Your Values Mean Something” by Patrick M. Lencioni:
Kent Thiry could have effectively used this principle by not only articulating the company’s values but also consistently reinforcing and embodying them in his own behavior. This includes incorporating the values into decision-making processes, recognizing and rewarding employees who demonstrate the values, and ensuring that the values are integrated into the organization’s culture.

To become an even more exemplary leader, Kent Thiry could consider the following actions:

Aligning actions with stated values: Thiry should ensure that his actions consistently align with the values he promotes. By being a role model and living the values daily, he would inspire others to do the same.

Communicating values effectively: Thiry should enhance his communication of the company’s values by using multiple channels and reinforcing their importance regularly. This can include town hall meetings, memos, and personal conversations.

Engaging employees: Thiry should actively engage employees in discussions about the company’s values and encourage their participation in shaping and refining them. By involving the team, he can foster a sense of ownership and commitment to the values.

Providing clarity and context: Thiry should ensure that employees understand how the values relate to their work and how they contribute to the organization’s overall mission and goals. This clarity will help them see the value in living those values.

Holding others accountable: Thiry should establish clear expectations for behavior and performance aligned with the values, and hold individuals accountable for living up to those expectations. This includes recognizing and rewarding those who consistently demonstrate the values and addressing any behavior that contradicts them.

Through continuously modeling the way and making values meaningful through consistent action, communication, and accountability, Kent Thiry can further enhance his effectiveness as an exemplary leader.

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