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Posted: May 12th, 2023

What can happen to people in a group with strong faultlines

What can happen to people in a group with strong faultlines and what effects can faultlines have on group performance? How can the relationship between group faultlines and performance be best managed?
What can status hierarchy do to the structure of a team? How does status affect the work motivations of both prestigious and devalued subgroups?
What are the challenges to each of the three factors that affect taskwork-teamwork network structures? In each team network structure, what factors will lead to optimal performance?
Faultlines in a group refer to divisions that exist based on demographic or cultural characteristics such as race, gender, or age. When a group has strong faultlines, members may become more focused on their subgroup identities than on the group’s overall goals. This can lead to decreased communication, trust, and cooperation between subgroups, which can negatively impact group performance. To manage the relationship between group faultlines and performance, it is essential to establish a shared identity and common goals that transcend subgroup identities. Additionally, efforts should be made to create a sense of cohesion and foster communication and trust among all members.

Status hierarchy in a team can affect the structure of the group by creating power differentials and influencing how decisions are made. Prestigious subgroups may have more influence over decisions and may be more motivated to work towards achieving their own goals. Devalued subgroups may feel disengaged or undervalued, which can lead to decreased motivation and decreased performance. To manage the effects of status hierarchy, it is essential to establish clear expectations, promote a sense of fairness and equality, and provide opportunities for all subgroups to contribute to the group’s goals.

The three factors that affect taskwork-teamwork network structures are task interdependence, team size, and team composition. Task interdependence refers to how much members’ work is dependent on the work of other members. Team size refers to the number of members in the group. Team composition refers to the mix of skills, knowledge, and abilities of the members. The challenges to each of these factors can vary depending on the specific task and team. However, generally, managing these factors requires establishing clear roles and expectations, promoting communication and collaboration, and creating opportunities for members to share their knowledge and expertise.

In each team network structure, several factors can lead to optimal performance. For example, in a decentralized network structure, optimal performance may be achieved by promoting autonomy and providing opportunities for members to make decisions independently. In a centralized network structure, optimal performance may be achieved by establishing clear goals and communication channels and promoting coordination among members. In a modular network structure, optimal performance may be achieved by creating opportunities for members to specialize in specific tasks and promoting communication and coordination among specialized subgroups. Overall, optimal performance in any network structure requires clear goals, effective communication, and collaboration among all members.

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