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Posted: May 12th, 2023

The film Dr. Strangelove (1966) to Amelie (2001)

The film Dr. Strangelove (1966) to Amelie (2001)

Compare and contrast the film Dr. Strangelove (1966) to Amelie (2001)Set up your paper’s outline to follow the bulleted steps below – use these as section headers. Make sure you spend time comparing and contrasting these categories:

Narrative: Director/Writer

Use 1-inch margins on the top, bottom and both sides.
Indent the first sentence of each paragraph from the left margin of your paper.
Use standard double spacing throughout the entire text of your paper.
Do not add space between paragraphs.
12 pt font
Times Roman Numeral or Arial.
MLA format (Links to an external site.)
Length of Paper: 4 full pages long

The Rubric:

Quality of Content 0/40%

Clarity of Examples – Use of Cinematic Terms 0/40%

Organization & Structure – covers all five phases of production 0/20%

Dr. Strangelove and Amelie are two remarkable films of different times and genres. While Dr. Strangelove, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1966, is a black comedy film, Amelie is a romantic comedy film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet in 2001. Both films have gained critical acclaim and popularity among viewers. This paper will compare and contrast the two films based on the narrative, cinematography, editing, acting, and sound.

The narrative of Dr. Strangelove is written by Stanley Kubrick, Terry Southern, and Peter George. It is a satirical take on the Cold War and the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The story revolves around a deranged US Air Force general who orders a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, triggering a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to destroy the world. In contrast, the narrative of Amelie is written by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant. It is a whimsical romantic comedy set in Paris, about a shy waitress who finds joy in helping people around her. The story follows Amelie’s adventures as she sets out to make the world a better place.

The cinematography of Dr. Strangelove is a classic example of black and white cinematography, with a stark contrast between light and shadow. The film has a claustrophobic feel, with most of the scenes taking place in small, cramped spaces. The camera angles are often extreme, emphasizing the absurdity of the situations. In contrast, the cinematography of Amelie is colorful and whimsical, with bright, vivid colors and playful camera angles. The film has a dream-like quality, with many scenes shot in soft focus.

The editing of Dr. Strangelove is precise and deliberate, with quick cuts and sharp transitions. The film employs various editing techniques, such as jump cuts and cross-cutting, to heighten the tension and build suspense. In contrast, the editing of Amelie is more playful and whimsical, with many scenes edited in a fast-paced, montage style. The film also employs various editing techniques, such as split-screen and jump cuts, to create a sense of whimsy and magic.

The acting in Dr. Strangelove is outstanding, with strong performances by Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, and Sterling Hayden. Peter Sellers, in particular, delivers a tour-de-force performance, playing three different characters with distinct personalities. The acting in Amelie is also exceptional, with Audrey Tautou delivering a charming and endearing performance as the titular character. The supporting cast, including Mathieu Kassovitz and Rufus, also delivers strong performances.

The sound in Dr. Strangelove is minimalistic, with a sparse soundtrack that emphasizes silence and tension. The film also employs various sound effects, such as airplane engines and missile launches, to heighten the tension and build suspense. In contrast, the sound in Amelie is lively and playful, with a whimsical soundtrack that complements the film’s dream-like quality. The film also employs various sound effects, such as voiceovers and soundscapes, to create a sense of whimsy and magic.

In summary, Dr. Strangelove and Amelie are two remarkable films that differ greatly in terms of narrative, cinematography, editing, acting, and sound. Dr. Strangelove is a black comedy that satirizes the Cold War and the nuclear arms race, with stark, minimalist cinematography and precise, deliberate editing. Amelie, on the other hand, is a whimsical romantic comedy set in Paris, with colorful, vivid cinematography and playful,

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