History – American history Voices of Freedom Writing Assignment

History – American history Voices of Freedom Writing Assignment (Ch. 17). Read: The Populist Platform (1892)

Paragraph 1: What does the Omaha platform identify as the main threats to American liberty?

Read: William Birney, “Deporting Mohammedans” (1897)

Paragraph 2: Why does Birney think that the action of the immigration officials sets a dangerous precedent?

Paragraph 3: Why does he think that toleration is likely to promote immigrant assimilation?

Read: Ida B. Wells, Crusade for Justice (ca. 1892)

Paragraph 4: What does Wells see as the contributions of the antilynching movement?

Paragraph 1: The Omaha platform, which was adopted by the Populist Party in 1892, identifies several threats to American liberty. These include the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, the control of the government by the wealthy and powerful, the corruption of the political system, and the exploitation of labor by capital.

Paragraph 2: In “Deporting Mohammedans,” William Birney argues that the action of immigration officials in deporting a group of Muslim immigrants sets a dangerous precedent because it violates the principles of religious freedom and tolerance that are central to American democracy. Birney contends that such actions not only undermine the rights of the immigrants but also threaten the rights of all Americans.

Paragraph 3: Birney believes that toleration is likely to promote immigrant assimilation because it allows individuals to practice their own religious beliefs and customs while still participating in American society. He argues that the willingness to accept and respect different cultures and traditions is essential for building a diverse and vibrant democracy.

Paragraph 4: Ida B. Wells, in her book “Crusade for Justice,” sees the antilynching movement as a critical force in the struggle for civil rights and racial justice. She argues that by exposing and condemning the brutal practice of lynching, the movement helped to challenge the pervasive racism and discrimination that existed in American society. Wells believed that the movement’s efforts to raise awareness and mobilize public opinion were essential in the fight against systemic injustice.

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