Week 5 Assignment – Analyzing a Corporate Tax Return

Week 5 Assignment – Analyzing a Corporate Tax Return
You are a senior tax accountant in the firm, Ernest & Rainhouse. Joe, a new junior accountant, has just prepared his first corporate tax return for Zeus, Inc. The electronic filing system has rejected the Zeus, Inc.’s Form 1120: U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return 2020 [PDF]EditSign due to errors and omissions. Joe is seeking your help in determining his mistakes and in answering some corporate tax questions he is unsure about. You are to read the scenario below and then follow the instructions.

Zeus, Inc. is organized as a corporation and is taxed as a C corporation with a calendar year end. Zeus, Inc. owns and operates an amusement park in Los Angeles, California. Zeus, Inc.’s address, employer identification number (EIN), and date of incorporation are as follows:

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