NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

Week 11 – NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

It is one of the most cliché of clichés, but it nevertheless rings true: The only constant is change. As a nursing professional, you are no doubt aware that success in the healthcare field requires the ability to adapt to change, as the pace of change in healthcare may be without rival.

As a professional, you will be called upon to share expertise, inform, educate, and advocate. Your efforts in these areas can help lead others through change. In this Assignment, you will propose a change within your organization and present a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose.

To Prepare:

· Review the Resources and identify one change that you believe is called for in your organization/workplace.

· This may be a change necessary to effectively address one or more of the issues you addressed in the Workplace Environment Assessment you submitted in Module 4. (See attached document). It may also be a change in response to something not addressed in your previous efforts. It may be beneficial to discuss your ideas with your organizational leadership and/or colleagues to help identify and vet these ideas.

· Reflect on how you might implement this change and how you might communicate this change to organizational leadership.

The Assignment (5-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation):

Instructions: Change Implementation and Management Plan

Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation of 5 or 6 slides that presents a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose.

Your narrated presentation should be minimum 5 minutes in length.

Your Change Implementation and Management Plan should include the following:

· An executive summary of the issues that are currently affecting your organization/workplace (This can include the work you completed in your Workplace Environment Assessment previously submitted, if relevant.)

· A description of the change being proposed

· Justifications for the change, including why addressing it will have a positive impact on your organization/workplace

· Details about the type and scope of the proposed change

· Identification of the stakeholders impacted by the change

· Identification of a change management team (by title/role)

· A plan for communicating the change you propose

· A description of risk mitigation plans you would recommend to address the risks anticipated by the change you propose

** 5 – 6 slides –send enough content on each slide so at the end it will be at least 5 minutes of narrative in length**

** minimum 5 references** Note – Write in a tone that is not typical to AI, that is not like AI wrote it and won’t be flagged by google or detected by plagiarism software – make the article fully human written and add nuances or like quilbot. For example, act like an expert in your writing style and replace simple language with advanced English, avoid redundancy, use niche-appropriate language.
– Ensure the content demonstrates expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.
– Where necessary use subtitles, recently updated data and examples from scholarly and peer-reviewed sources.
– Include references at the end, APA, 2016-23

Change Implementation and Management Plan

Executive Summary

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and with the changing landscape, organizations need to be agile and adapt to change. In this regard, this presentation proposes a change in the implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in a healthcare organization. The proposed change aims to address the issues that affect patient care, organizational efficiency, and data security. The change will involve the implementation of an EHR system to replace the current paper-based system.

Description of the Change

The proposed change involves the implementation of an EHR system that will replace the current paper-based system. The EHR system will allow healthcare providers to access patients’ medical records in real-time, increasing efficiency and improving patient care. The system will also enhance data security and privacy by limiting unauthorized access to patient records.

Justification for the Change

The proposed change is necessary as the current paper-based system has several drawbacks, such as inefficiency, lack of data security, and limited accessibility to patient records. An EHR system will streamline the healthcare organization’s workflow, enhance data security and privacy, and increase the accessibility of patient records.

Type and Scope of the Proposed Change

The proposed change involves the implementation of an EHR system, which will be a major change for the healthcare organization. The change will involve a comprehensive overhaul of the current paper-based system, including staff training, upgrading of infrastructure, and data migration.

Stakeholders Impacted by the Change

The stakeholders impacted by the change include healthcare providers, patients, administrative staff, and IT staff. Healthcare providers will need to be trained on how to use the EHR system, while patients will have access to their medical records online. Administrative and IT staff will be involved in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the EHR system.

Change Management Team

The change management team will comprise a project manager, IT staff, administrative staff, and healthcare providers. The project manager will oversee the entire change management process, while IT staff will be responsible for the installation and configuration of the EHR system. Administrative staff and healthcare providers will be involved in the training and testing of the EHR system.

Plan for Communicating the Change

The plan for communicating the change will involve several channels, including email, staff meetings, and posters. The change management team will also hold training sessions for

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