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Posted: April 27th, 2023

Final Exam

Final Exam

Prompt: Answer both questions below, providing as much specific detail as possible and sources to back up your statements (APA format). The answers should be well thought out and in your own words.

1. Consider the Foster et al. (2006) financial drivers of professional sport clubs (Document Financial Sustainability included with the exam). Choose one sport team (your choice) and analyze the organization using each of the six factors.

2. The National Basketball Association (NBA) season is underway, and the Oklahoma City Thunder have one of the lowest attendance in the NBA. The organization is well below its pre-COVID-19 attendance numbers ( to an external site.). Using the knowledge you learned this semester, discuss three realistic, specific ways to help the Thunder raise their attendance (must include specific financial advice) to the ownership of the Oklahoma City Thunder for this season.

Hint: Do not recommend obtaining a player unless you can make it a realistic scenario, including the player wanting to play for the Thunder. All your recommendations need to be supported by data.

Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced

Documentation Style: American Psychological Association (APA). You must provide accurate references and accurate in-text citations for each direct quote or paraphrase that you include.
I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I am not able to access the specific document “Financial Sustainability” or any other document that may have been included with the exam. Additionally, as a language model, I am not able to access real-time data, such as the current attendance numbers for the Oklahoma City Thunder, which were requested in the second question.

However, I can provide general guidance and strategies for answering both questions.

For the first question, if you have access to the “Financial Sustainability” document, you should read and understand the six factors that Foster et al. (2006) identified as financial drivers of professional sport clubs. These six factors are:

Market size and competition
Stadium/arena ownership and control
Revenue streams
Labor market
Marketable players
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Choose a professional sports team of your choice and analyze the organization using each of the six factors. For example, if you choose the Los Angeles Lakers, you could discuss how the market size and competition in Los Angeles affects the team’s financial sustainability, how owning and controlling the Staples Center affects revenue streams, how the labor market for professional basketball players affects the team’s financial sustainability, and so on. Be sure to provide specific examples and sources to support your analysis.

For the second question, you could research strategies that other sports teams have used to increase attendance, especially in the post-COVID-19 world. For example, you could consider:

Dynamic pricing: Adjusting ticket prices based on demand and other factors can help teams maximize revenue and fill empty seats. The Thunder could analyze data on fan behavior and preferences to determine the optimal pricing strategy for each game.
Fan experience enhancements: Improving the overall fan experience at games can encourage fans to attend and return for future games. This could include things like offering more food and beverage options, improving Wi-Fi and other technology infrastructure, and providing more interactive fan engagement opportunities.
Promotions and marketing: Effective marketing and promotion can help increase awareness and interest in the team. The Thunder could consider launching targeted campaigns that appeal to specific fan demographics, as well as leveraging social media and other digital channels to reach potential fans.

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