Theory Application Case Study

You will develop the Theory Application Case Study. The purpose of the assignment is for you to demonstrate the application of a nursing theory to practice. Review the clinical case provided and apply your chosen theory to the case. Use APA format to develop your paper. Outline your paper by using the subheadings to ensure that you meet all the rubrics:
Introduction—you can present the case data including both Robert and Susan, and introduce the theory
Assessment Phase of the Nursing Process
Choice of Variables to be Assessed
Nursing Intervention (3 content areas to be discussed in this subheading)
Application of Nursing Theory
Smith, M., & Parker, M.E. (2020). Nursing theories and nursing practice (5th ed.). F.A. Davis
Chinn, P. L., & Kramer, M. K. (2018). Knowledge development in nursing: theory and process. 10e éd. St Louis (MO): Elsevier.

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