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Posted: January 31st, 2023

Request for Information for EHR Vendor

Request for Information for EHR Vendor
Write a word essay – Evaluate an EHR vendor by analyzing key criteria that would be used to develop a request for information (RFI). Choose an acute care or ambulatory setting and an EHR vendor to determine if the EHR vendor meets the needs of the setting.

In a 1000 essay, describe the considerations that need to be addressed during the EHR vendor evaluation process using the key criteria below. Write a word essay – Evaluate your selected EHR vendor based on the research you have done on the key criteria. Include the following:

1. How the EHR supports technological needs (cloud-based vs. client-server, database configurations, etc.).

2. Applicability to the health care practice setting and workflow support.

3. How the vendor provides education implementation and support.

4. How the EHR supports administrative needs.

5. How the EHR supports clinical research.

6. In the enterprise health care setting, describe how the organizational process is used for EHR vendor selection.

7. A summary of your findings and whether or not you recommend this EHR vendor for the setting.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide and following the ru
Before choosing an HER software solution, the first step is to determine the type of treatment offered by the selected facility. In this case, the kind of treatment chosen is ambulatory treatment with Allscripts EHR technology. Allscripts ambulatory EHR is designed to be used in outpatient and smaller practice settings. The document includes all the records of treatment that does not involve admission. The EHR is more straightforward because they deal with a single practice as compared to inpatient EHR that deals with a complex web of the various patients and hospital departments. The start of the process involves choosing the right EHR. The organization must put out an RFI to gauge the vendor’s product offering, experience, and expertise. Also, the purpose of an RFI is to get familiar with the comprehensive EHR revenue cycle (Wright,2014).
The first thing to put in the RFI is the certification of the EHR vendor. ONC must certify the EHR. It is imperative to ensure that the EHR meets the certification specification. Research states that Allscripts EHR was approved by ONC and verified by Drummond Group. All script was categorized as the first HER to meet all the qualifications from ONC and CMS. The second thing is to identify how EHR supports the technological needs of the organization. An ambulatory HER should connect to communities while providing clinicians insights and immediate analysis that can foster meaningful change.
Allscripts is designed to encompass all information into one connected network. The cloud-based systems store fundamental data such as e-prescriptions that can be accessed via mobile phones, thus enabling quality patient care. The client servers and database configuration offer flexible clinical features that customize workflow and coordinates specialized care (Koppel and Lehmann,2015). A cloud HER is the best option for the ambulatory setting because it supports small and independent community hospitals (Yeung et al.,2013). Allscripts EHR is compatible because it offers cloud-based solutions to its users. The features are designed to bring all the data together, thus connecting with the health community. The RFI requires updates and upgrades information to keep up with future changes in the software. All scripts softwares get upgraded rapidly; thus, it is essential to keep up with the changes. Allscripts EHR vendor has the software and features that can get applied in the healthcare practice and ensure workflow support. The software fosters workflow because it entails e prescribing help streamline functions that enable the physicians to easily access the information instead of relying on routine admin tasks (.De la Torre,2013) Also, Allscripts EHR solutions have a flexible payment structure that is based on collection rather than a down payment. All scripts align with the ambulatory treatment because of its easy deployment that is convenient for small, midsized ambulatories.
The growth potential of the EHR is an essential part of the RFI because the organization must make sure that the vendor’s product continues to meet certification requirements. Education implementation and support are some of the elements that can guarantees growth potential. Successful Allscripts implementation can get accomplished by an effective training plan. Also, successful implementation ensures that the users can use the new technology and gain proficiency, thus leading to growth in the long run (Wright,2014). Education methods can get applied to ensure that the staff personnel is equipped to utilize and grow with the system effectively. The installation experience of the vendor is imperative to show proof of qualification. Installation dictates the experience of the vendor. Research shows that Many RFI’s prefer vendors with at least 1,000 installs nationally (Walsh and Stetson,2017). Also, the installation dictates the practices that can get implemented in a particular organization. In this case, the ambulatory setting requires an EHR that supports administrative needs and clinical research.
Allscripts offers a comprehensive set of tools that can help the administration to effectively manage the tasks while allowing mobile access to the clinical features. A feature like e prescribing allows effective management of routine tasks, and it is accessible from anywhere through mobile devices, thus allowing users to stay productive. For example, features like Allscripts Prenatal offers cloud-based solutions and tools that are used for communicating and documenting maternity care information. Allscripts EHR is convenient for ambulatory administrative needs because it can help small organizations achieve more with fewer resources. Features like streamlined workflows and daily planning make it easier for administrations to monitor appointments. Allscripts EHR supports clinical research because the software entails around 800 care guides that can enable the clinicians to achieve reliable research results(Wright,2014). The configurable desktop offers a support system that has tools that provide quality management. Also, professional EHR is fully integrated with clinical solutions that make it easy to deliver quality care.
Moreover, Allscripts EHR supports clinical research because it allows clinicians to manage their practice more efficiently because it entails a customized interface that enables easy management. The single dashboard allows the researchers to monitor appointments, treatments, and lab results. The mobile access features can be used in clinical research to ensure that information can get accessed remotely.
In an enterprise healthcare setting, the organization process id used for EHR vendor selection to .ensure that the practice is in good condition to achieve its goals. The first aspect that gets considered is software. The software consideration is essential because it dictates if the integration will fail or be successful. Choosing the software is a timely process that must include staff members in the testing process. Study shows that organizations should choose softwares that comply with adequate regulations (Koppel and Lehmann,2015). The second consideration is the vendor’s reputation, which can be achieved by getting first-hand experiences from other practices. Seeking information from other professionals about their software gauge can offer insight into the stability of the chosen vendor. Also, the organization must ensure that the software can get continuously updated based on incentive requirements and federal regulations.
The organizational process includes a cost that ensures that the vendor’s investment fits into the budget (McGreevey,2013). EHR technology entails long term costs because the system may require specific interfaces and hardware that will be required to support the resources. Comprehending the costs will enable accountability and adequate investment for the EHR system. Lastly, the organization process requires customization of EHR technology to ensure long-term success. The system should be customized to fit the organizational needs; thus, the users should talk to the software vendors about the different customization that may fit their preference.
In conclusion, Allscripts EHR is the best solution from the ambulatory setting because it meets and exceeds the organization’s needs. The platform covers the clinical, operational, and financial wellness of small, medium physician practices. The EHR helps in driving a streamlined and efficient workflow.

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