Public Health and the Role of Government in Health Care

Public Health and the Role of Government in Health Care
The government has a significant role to play in healthcare sector. The chapter presents the efforts by the government to address problems in the healthcare. It highlights efforts in European history to colonial America (Sultz et al., 2018). The efforts are vital to demonstrate the history of healthcare advancement. American healthcare sector has been transforming since the colonial period. The chapter also addresses the barriers that undermine quality and population-centered care.
Evidence-based care is the cornerstone of healthcare delivery. Research is essential in improving the quality of care by discovering new interventions that improve quality of care. Research improves quality of care (Sultz et al., 2018). Healthcare workers should research to eliminate unwanted strategies. Government and organizations fund healthcare research. The funding is important to reduce the risk of medical errors, reduce the cost of care, and improve the workflow of healthcare workers.
Sultz, H., Young, K., & Kroth, P. (2018). Health care USA: Understanding its organization and delivery (9th ed).

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