Psychological Testing and Assessment

Psychological Testing and Assessment
2022 Autumn Term
Assignment 2
Due: 8-Dec-2022 11:00
Weight: 20% of course score
Answer all questions. Download the relevant data sets from the OLE platform. Use SPSS to
perform the data analysis and include the output in your answers. Put all your answers, outputs,
and graphs in a single Word file. (You may visit the computer labs C0411, C0412, C0413,
D0625, D0626, and D0627 to find computers with SPSS installed.)
1. Data in the “PSYC A334F Assignment 2 Q1.sav” file show the responses of 25 employees
in a company on a 6-item scale measuring job satisfaction. For each item, the subject can
give a response from 1 to 5 (Likert scale), representing “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly
agree” toward the item. The total score for this scale is obtained by adding up the scores
for JS1, JS2, JS3, JS4, and the reversed scores of JS5 and JS6. Create a variable
representing the total score, and then compute the mean, standard deviation, and range of
this total score variable.
2. The “PSYC A334F Assignment 2 Q2.sav” file shows the data from two observers on
judging whether the same group of 12 students has exhibited hyperactivity when being
observed during a 5-minute period (0: no hyperactivity was observed, 1: hyperactivity was
observed). Compute the inter-scorer reliability coefficient (in Kappa statistic) and report
the corresponding the p-value.
3. (Do this question by hand calculation. Write down the formula for Z-score and show the
calculation steps when appropriate.) The mid-term test of the course in the previous year
had a mean score of 63 and SD of 12, and the scores are normally-distributed. Generally, it
is necessary for a student to obtain a score at the top 15% of the class in order to get an A range grade for the course.
a. If a student had a test score of 70, what would be his/her Z-score?
b. What percentile rank does “top 15% of the class” correspond to?
c. Find the Z-score required for a student to obtain an A-range grade. (Hint: use the Excel
function “NORM.INV” for this part.)
d. Calculate the raw score required for a student to obtain an A-range grade, based on the
Z-score obtained in part (c).
4. Data in the “PSYC A334F Assignment 2 Q4.sav” file are the scores of 35 students in our
course on the 5 scalesthey completed online, which include: Personal Efficacy Scale (PES),
Life-Orientation Test-Revised (LOT-R), Work and Family Orientation Questionnaire Competitiveness scale (WOFO-C), Interpersonal Competitive Questionnaire (ICQ), and
Academic Efficacy and Apathy Scale (AEAS).
a. LOT-R score represents a person’s life orientation (in dispositional optimism) while
AEAS score is related to a student’s orientation in academic studies. Produce a scatter
plot with LOT-R on the x-axis and AEAS on the y-axis.
b. Find the Pearson correlation coefficient between the scores of LOT-R and AEAS. State
the coefficient and the p-value, and the conclusion regarding the relationship between
the two variables.
c. WOFO-C score reflects a person’s competitiveness in work and family situations while
ICQ score measures a person’s interpersonal competitiveness. A researcher wants to
examine if WOFO-C and ICQ scores can predict a person’s perceived personal efficacy.
Perform multiple linear regression using the WOFO-C score and the ICQ score to
predict the PES score.
i. Report the R-square value and interpret its meaning.
ii. What is the p-value shown in the ANOVA table? And what does it mean if this p value is statistically significant?
iii. Write down the regression equation using the unstandardized coefficients. (Hint:
exclude all coefficients which are not statistically significant.)
iv. Using the equation from (iii), if a person scores 15 on WOFO-C and 30 on ICQ,
what would be the predicted PES score for this person?
d. Using the “PSYC A334F Assignment 2 Q4d.sav” file, find the internal consistency (in
Cronbach’s alpha) of the AEAS scale.
5. The “PSYC A334F Assignment 2 Q5.sav” file includes data of 30 normal adults on an
intelligence test, administered two times with one month in between. Evaluate the test retest reliability of this test using an appropriate statistic. Write down the p-value if
6. The graph below shows the growing curve of a boy from 0 to 3 years old. Briefly discuss
his growing pattern in a few sentences.

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