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Posted: January 31st, 2023

Practicum Project Plan

Practicum Project Plan
Public health nurse leaders are critical in innovating ways to improve the quality of care. One of the roles of public health nurse leadership is to influence others to effectively achieve the goals of safe and successful care to a community. Leadership is required in diverse projects that require innovative approaches (Duffey, 2017). A project on inmates suffering from mental health illness requires the contribution of nurse leaders. The objective is to inspire other nurses to overcome their challenges and achieve quality care. For instance, taking care of inmates with mental illness will require an ethical and legal component of justice. Nurses should provide care to the inmates without discrimination due to their criminal background. A criminal trend should not affect the perception of a nurse and undermine the quality of care. A nurse leader will be required to influence others to deliver effective and safe care.
Nurse leaders should be concerned about the issues affecting different groups of people such as inmates. One of the reasons is that the inmates have a significant contribution to society. Provision of care can transform individuals while denial can rob society of an opportunity to live peacefully. Inmates who leave the correctional facilities in a good mental state are likely to be transformed and contribute to the progress of society. It is unlike people who leave without getting mental treatment since they are likely to abuse drugs, commit a crime, or harm themselves and others. Nurse leaders have a pivotal role to play for the welfare of different minority groups (Duffey, 2017). In the American healthcare system, issues of bias have been rampant with the African-Americans complaining of discrimination in the delivery of care. Nurse leaders should strive to establish fairness and justice in the healthcare system. Addressing the issues affecting inmates is a bold step to eliminate the barriers existing in the healthcare system.
Leadership in the nursing profession is critical in the success of the evidence-based practice. Nurse leaders are the trailblazers who initiate and manage change. The change process involves embracing strategies that will improve the quality of care (Bowles et al., 2018). For instance, the project involves the collection of data among inmates. Male and female inmates can provide a detailed perspective of the challenges inmates with mental illness go through. The data can be used to transform the care and save lives. Nurse leaders will be watchful to identify the critical issues and recommend appropriate action. For example, nurse leaders can recommend appropriate action to improve mental wellness and care among inmates with mental illness. The action can enhance the diagnosis and disclosure of inmates that they are suffering from mental illness (Bowles et al., 2018). Strategic actions can save lives and improve the health and safety of the public.
A culture of inquiry and research is vital in achieving evidence-based practice. Nurse leaders can participate and initiate an inquiry process to achieve positive outcomes. Evidence-based practice occurs due to the successful collection of data. The data is analyzed to identify the trends that are effective for decision-making and the change process. Research helps the nurses to abandon poor delivery of care by opening their eyes to the state of the healthcare services (Bowles et al., 2018). For example, the conversations with the inmates with mental illness will provide a new perspective on the risks of neglect. The perspective will encourage the nurses to gather data in the future to address health issues. The data will improve the accumulation of knowledge about the health condition of the public. It will identify the neglected issues that deserve the attention of the healthcare workers in society.
The inquiry process for data collection and acquisition of knowledge involves collaboration with stakeholders. Nurse leaders should establish a network with stakeholders in the healthcare system (Kelly & Adams, 2018). The delivery of care should comprise an understanding of the strengths of the stakeholders. One of the stakeholders in the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system provides the healthcare system with data about inmates, mental illness, drug abuse, and other contributing factors. Nurse leaders in the mental health care sector should strive to establish a healthy relationship with the stakeholders for the effective collection of information (Kelly & Adams, 2018). Collaboration involves communicating with them regularly and effectively. Communication should establish a mutual relationship that will promote a friendly opportunity for the delivery of care.
The current case study involves nurses who are collecting information to promote change. Nurse leaders have a responsibility to remove the barriers to evidence-based practice. One of the barriers to evidence-based practice is the lack of detailed data. Data collection is a critical component of quality practice (Manges et al., 2017). Collecting data helps the nurses to make quality decisions. It is imperative to know about the challenges affecting the patient population. Understanding the issues affecting male, female, children, adolescents, and minority groups can change the landscape of care delivery. Evidence-based practice involves continuous data collection for behavior change.
Nurse leaders play the role of patient advocates. The case study of collecting data from inmates with mental illness calls for action from the nurse leaders. Inmates can be regarded as people without rights or opportunities to defend themselves. A criminal record may paint a negative picture of the inmates. It is the role of a nurse leader to champion the rights of the inmates such as the delivery of quality, safe, timely, and patient-centered care. A nurse leader can advocate for change by educating health stakeholders and leading by example (Kaack et al., 2018). During the collection of data, nurse leaders should educate the correction officers and other inmates about the plight of the inmates with mental illness. The information will open the eyes of the public to visualize the need for quality and safe care for the inmates. Championing for the rights of inmates with mental illness is critical in achieving the role of a change agent.
Nurse leaders should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the other nurses. It is vital to know how to allocate duties to different people in diverse situations. The information can help the nurse leader to allocate duties effectively. Carrying out a SWOT analysis of the team is critical for the execution of tasks. For instance, the current case study requires a bold person who can face inmates and correction officers. It requires a candid approach to data collection. It is the responsibility of the nurse leader in mental healthcare to know the status of the other nurses (Kaack et al., 2018). The knowledge will help the nurse leader to impact the nurses through the provision of knowledge. Educative activities can improve the knowledge and capacity of the nurses to execute more tasks in the future.

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