Marshall Rich and Hodge

Discussion post

Now that you have explored some examples of authors (Marshall Rich and Hodge) adopting styles of narration that distort or provide us with incomplete information about the world of the story, spend some time reflecting on your reading experience for each one.

In what ways did you feel connected to or distanced from the protagonists, seeing yourself in their narratives or struggling to find them in the narrative? When you were reading, what did you find confusing about the way the story was told or the particular details that the narrator shared with (or those details the narrator hid from) the reader? And why?

Also, can you find any similarities or intersections in the themes around which both stories revolve, especially in terms of how each character’s external environment shapes the plot and the characters themselves? How do the stories contrast around this or other themes?

For your discussion, use one (or two) of the questions above to organize your your reflections and analysis. Support your claim by pulling out a specific excerpt from either of the stories (1-2 paragraphs) that you think really reflects what you are saying. Use your own annotations of this excerpt to provide examples in support of your points.

Then, as always, read and respond thoroughly to at least two of your colleagues’ postings.

Be mindful to collectively spread out your responses so that one thread does not receive an abundance of comments while others don’t have any. Consider making your first response to a classmate’s thread that hasn’t yet generated replies

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