Management plan: Create a comprehensive treatment plan

Management plan: Create a comprehensive treatment plan for Asthma diagnosis in a 16-year-old girl using professional language. Include at least one appropriate, evidence-based, scholarly source to support your decisions. Include the following components:
diagnostic tests
medications- write an actual prescription appropriate to the final diagnosis
suggested consults/referrals
client education
Reflection: In a Microsoft Word document, respond to the self-reflection questions below. Include a title page in APA format using the title iHuman Reflection Week 3. In 1-2 paragraphs, respond substantively to all required reflection questions.
Which resources would you recommend if the client requested CAM as part of her treatment strategy?
How would these resources change the education provided to the client?
Provide evidence from a scholarly resource. Cite your source(s) appropriately, current clinical guideline and scholarly article less than 5 years old

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