Geriatric depression

Geriatric depression is a common problem that can impact the quality of life for any older adult. This is a common problem, however, it is never a normal problem. Depression can lead to unexplained pain, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, memory problems, and self neglect. When assessing a geriatric patient, the assessment must include a depression assessment. Interview any patient, friend or relative over the age of 75 years and complete the “Geriatric depression Scale” found in Chapter 32 of the text When evaluating a geriatric patient, a depression assessment must be performed. Complete the “Geriatric Depression Scale” found in Chapter 32 of the text with any patient, friend, or relative over the age of 75. (included as attachment). What problems have you identified by using the scale? What are their relevance to the patient? And, how effective did you find this scale in determining if depression might be an issue?

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