Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles
A Parole Fugitive at Princeton
Although the student has a satisfactory record at the school accompanied by good performance, it does not erase the fact that he is still charged with crime and fraud. The student also managed to get admitted to the university fraudulently, which despite being illegal, is morally permissible because the student had the intention of change that can be proved through his stay at the university so far. Therefore, the university should let the student continue his studies at the institution, an action that would be morally permissible since expelling the student who is trying his best to change might hinder the change chance.
Misrepresentation at MIT
The appropriate moral course of action for the university to take would be to allow the dean to continue with his job. With the consideration of the work the dean has done and the impact of his conduct at the University does not align with the illegal or unethical behavior in negotiating his contract. The fact that the dean’s unethical behavior in bargaining tactics did not affect his performance should be the basis on which the decision of retaining the dean should be conducted by the university.
Presidential Exit Ethics
The President is considered part of public servants and has to according to the code of conduct as other public servants. The moral behind the decisions made by Presents when living office is questionable as they tend to disregard the ethical standards required from them.
A large Contribution
Although the HO background has been questioned, Oxford should accept the gift based on the codes of conduct that involves the disclosure of financial records, transparency and accountability of public finance matters, and corruption prevention.
There are various circumstances under which a university should not accept the monetary gift from an individual or organization (DOI, 2020). They include if the gift is in form of a commercial loan or pension, if the source is prohibited, and if the funds were obtained by other than legal means.

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