CCJ4746: Statistics in Criminology Project

CCJ4746: Statistics in Criminology Project 3: X2 test using Stata This project is designed to assess your understanding of the material presented in Chapter 8. You will need Virtual Lab, the class dataset posted on Canvas, and the guide posted on Canvas. Your submission should be approximately 1½-2 pages long including your table but not including your output. And please do not use the combination of variables that we used in our examples – choose a new set instead. Instructions 1. Choose two variables to analyze. Make sure they are the correct levels of measurement for a chi square analysis. Tell us which variable is your independent variable and which is your dependent variable. 2. Begin a new log file in Stata. 3. Present the research hypothesis and null hypothesis for the chi square test you will run. 4. Conduct a chi square analysis using your variables. Make sure to specify the independent and dependent variables in the correct order so that your contingency table is created the right way. 5. Present the contingency table. Format it so that it is clearly labeled and easy to read. 6. Following the guidelines discussed in the book and slides, interpret the contingency table. What does the pattern suggest? 7. Present your chi square results as illustrated in the slides. 8. Is the association statistically significant? How do you know? Be specific! 9. What do your chi square results tell you about the two variables? What can’t they tell you? 10. Please paste your complete Stata log (showing all of your commands) after your answers. As noted in the syllabus, grades will be based on execution (your successful use of the software and presentation of the results), interpretation (your write-up), and mechanics.

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You are a Middle Eastern constitutional expert. Write a memo of advice to help the U.S.A. with its constitutional challenges. Refer to the constitution of the state you represent.

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