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Posted: January 31st, 2023

CAR20001 – Future Work Skills Assignment

CAR20001 – Future Work Skills
Assignment 1 – Professional Reflection
Word Limit: 500 words (+/- 10%)
Due date: 12 January, by 11:59pm [ADST]
Method of submission: Electronically via Canvas
Assessment value: 15% of your total mark
A coherent and satisfying life is one that aligns who you are, what you believe and what you are doing. In this assignment you will connect what you consider to be important for your future working life, your professional purpose and what you are studying right now. You will also use a career development theory to understand the origins of some of your interests and ambitions.
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your awareness of your own position in relation to your future graduate work, including:
1. what has influenced your position, and
2. from your position, what you would like to influence.
ULO 1 Exhibit an understanding of career theory, planning and management.
Career theory is a branch of psychology that studies how individuals choose and progress through their careers. It aims to understand the factors that influence career decisions and the ways in which individuals can manage their careers over time.
Career planning is the process of developing and implementing strategies to achieve career goals. It involves exploring career options, setting career goals, and taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals. This may involve seeking additional education or training, networking, and seeking job opportunities that align with one’s career goals.
Career management refers to the ongoing process of managing one’s career over time. This may involve regularly reviewing and updating career goals, seeking new opportunities for professional development and advancement, and adapting to changes in the job market.
Effective career planning and management can help individuals achieve their career goals and increase job satisfaction. It can also help organizations retain and develop valuable employees, leading to increased productivity and success.
A 500-word professional reflection
The assignment is to be written using a formal, first person, academic reflection style, suitable for a professional audience (no colloquial language).
References must be included using either APA or Harvard (see )or IEEE (see ) referencing style to avoid plagiarism. Note, references and reference list are not counted in the word count.
Use the Assignment 1 Template for your work and submit via Turnitin using the submission portal located in the Assessments section of Canvas.
CAR20001 – Assignment 1
Professional Reflection – 12 marks
Use the required readings and activities from Canvas Modules 1 and 2 to reflect on your current position in relation to:
1. how you want your future graduate work to fit into your life
2. your sense of professional purpose
3. the systems that have influenced your current career thinking (i.e. Professional Purpose) and
4. the system in your life you would most like to exert influence upon.
Write a referenced reflection, responding to the prompts in the Assignment 1 Template.
Referencing and Written Communication – 3 marks
Ensure your reflection includes:
1. 2 or more references from Canvas Modules 1 – 2
2. correct and consistent intext referencing style
3. correct and consistent referencing in reference list
4. your ideas conveyed clearly and concisely
5. acceptable standard of spelling (less than 3 errors)
6. acceptable standard of grammar (less than 3 errors)
Patton, W., & McMahon, M. (2015). The systems theory framework of career development: 20 years of contribution to theory and practice. Australian Journal of Career Development, 24(3), 141-147.
Wrzesniewski, A., McCauley, C., Rozin, P., Schwartz, B. (1997). Jobs, Careers, and Callings: Peoples Relations to Their Work. Journal of Research in Personality. 31 (1), 21-33, ISSN 00926566,
Canvas Activities – Modules 1 and 2.
CAR20001 – Assignment 1
Assessment 1 Rubric
Does Not Meet
Standard (N) 0 – 5.5 Meets Standard (P) 6 – 6.5 Meets Standard (C) 7– 8 Above Standard (D)
8.5 – 9 Exceeds Standard (HD)
9.5 – 12
Understanding and addressing the topic
12 marks
Did not meet the requirements.
The majority of the required elements were missing.
All requirements have been addressed however some elements have not been developed adequately or lack cohesion with one another.
All requirements addressed with most linked to form a cohesive professional reflection. Evidence of good self-reflection supported by knowledge
of the career development theory.
All requirements have been linked to form a strong
reflection demonstrating very good self-awareness through the use of the career development theory.
Exhibits a very strong ability to present a cohesive reflection in a compelling manner.
Excellent self-reflection and knowledge of the career development theory has been demonstrated.
Does Not Meet
Standard (N) 0 – 1 Meets Standard (P)
1.5 Meets Standard (C) 2 Above Standard (D)
2.5 Exceeds Standard (HD) 3
Referencing and written
3 marks
1. 2 or more references from Canvas Modules 1 – 2
2. correct and consistent intext referencing style
3. correct and consistent referencing in reference list
4. your ideas conveyed clearly and concisely
5. acceptable standard of spelling (less than 3 errors)
6. acceptable standard of grammar (less than 3 errors)
Less than 3 of the criteria met.
Less than 4 of the criteria met
Less than 5 of the criteria met
Less than 6 of the criteria met
All 6 criteria met
CAR20001 – Assignment 1

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