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Posted: January 31st, 2023

The Abstract section is fine.
But we still have problem in goals and objectives.
What to do: Create a hierarchy of the project outcomes using the following structure:

Goals are typically high-level, providing the “Why” for a project (one or two will suffice).
Objectives are more mid-level and tend to address the “How” a goal would be met. You should have multiple measurable objectives for each goal.
Deliverables are the outcome-based tasks that must be accomplished to satisfy a given objective. Deliverables comprise a set of “What” things must be done. Each objective should have at least two deliverables. Be sure that your descriptions are complete sentences and are detailed enough to fully inform the reader. Brief or incomplete sentences are not a passable submission. You may use an outline format similar to the one below:

I.Goal 1: Provide a description here.

a. Objective 1: This should provide a description of how it relates to the helping the goal be met. Think of this as a sub-project.

i.Deliverable 1: The first outcome-based task for the objective.

ii.Deliverable 2: The second task.

iii.Deliverable 3: And so forth.

b. Objective 2: The next sub-project for meeting the goal.

.Deliverables the same format as the first objective.

Remember: Differentiate between goal, objective, and deliverable because for this assessment they are three different things. You must establish a clear hierarchy.
Proposal for Big Data Online Bookstore Get research paper samples and course-specific study resources under   homework for you course hero writing service – Manage ment System
Proposer (Name)

Submitting Bidder Name: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________


Phone Number: ____________________________

Fax Number: ____________________________

Respondent Name (please print): ________________________

Respondent Signature (please sign): ________________________ Date_________________

Abstract 3
a. Problem Summary 3
b. Recommendation of Solution 3
c. Benefits of the Online Booking System to Customers 4
d. Objectives of the Project Proposal 4
e. Funding Requirements 5
f. Expertise on the Proposed Project 5
The Project Proposal 5
Project Proposal Solution 5
Literature Review 6
Implementation of goals, objectives, and deliverables 8
Timeline 9
Resources 9
Evaluation framework 10
Justification 11
Cover Letter 11
References 13

a. Problem Summary
Seamus Company is facing a challenge in how the products can reach the customers. The Company has been selling the books through magazines and technical conferences. The selling through such media is expensive, time-consuming, and less efficient. The channel of sales cannot reach a large number of customers. The Company may not be realizing a good amount of profit following the use of such mechanisms. The Company is also still using methods of storage such as DVDs in distributing and storing their products. Such methods are unreliable and are prone to damage or loss. Therefore, the Company has a challenge on how the products reach the customers. The Company is also facing a challenge on a proper storage for their products.
b. Recommendation of Solution
According to Tao, Wang and Lu (2011) the growth of the internet is transforming several businesses, and Seamus should not be an exception. The use of the internet has changed the way business undertake their functions and future growth. With the development of the internet, the customers can now cost-effectively access the products without going out, and they have an opportunity of making a variety of choices. Through the online booking system will enable the customers to find the products that they need and quickly get the products whenever they place their orders. The system is looking forward to saving a lot of energy and time for both the Company and the customers as well as reduces the risks of inventory. The Company will produce the products according to the needs of the customers, which is also known as the on-demand production and procurement. The methods help in the reduction of unnecessary wastage that might occur due to surplus production.
The online booking system will enable the business to sell directly to the more quickly and efficiently. The online booking system will eliminate the costs incurred through the selling of magazines or technical conferences. The customers will be given an opportunity of accessing the storage database and select the products according to the requirements. The customers will then make payment through online method and download the books from wherever they are. E-commerce is a new type of business transaction that enables the buyers and sellers to efficiently interact in a simple, fast, low-cost, and through the electronic method (Vinodhini, & Manju, 2016). The RFP therefore outlines the proposed design of the online bookstore system using web-based technologies. The online booking system is an effective project for the Seamus Company because it will help in strengthening the current functions.
c. Benefits of the Online Booking System to Customers
The system will enable customers to buy several books conveniently regardless of the time of the day or their location. Customers will enjoy the benefits of having access to a large library of books without having to leave their homes or wherever they are. The online bookstore system will help the customers save on the costs incurred during movements while attending technical training or purchasing magazines. The customers will also have the opportunity of placing orders for the books to be made according to their requirements. The process is more effective and convenient for customers.
d. Objectives of the Project Proposal
• To design a database for online bookstore system
• To integrate the payment methods to enable customers to perform transactions from where they are located
• To integrate the user-interface design
e. Funding Requirements
The funding of the project shall be an agreement that will be established between the vendor and the company. The agreement will outline how the client and the company will facilitate the funding of the project. The other sources of funds include stakeholders, loans from banks, grants, and the savings of the company. Funding will be required for the hardware and software, human resource, training operations, security and backup systems as well as the web servers. It is estimated that the total cost of the project will be $415,000
f. Expertise on the Proposed Project
The team of experts will be involved in the design of the project. The team constitutes IT, experts, computer science experts, the sales and marketing experts, and technologists. The project manager who has a wide range of experience in a similar previous project and advanced qualifications in the field of Information Technology will be actively involved in the project. The experts involved in the project have advanced skills in database design, web design, and programming skills. The other individuals will include the staff of Seamus Company, the top management, customers, and stakeholders.
The Project Proposal
Project Proposal Solution
The proposed projects correspond to the description and the objectives of the Company. The project is aimed at providing the best solution on how the books for instruction of grammar will reach the customers. The proposed project corresponds to the best practices of the Company, and it is also related to emerging technologies. A large number of users prefer online shopping methods as opposed to the use of magazines or technical conferences. The project is in line with the emerging technologies where most educational canters are advocating of e-learning or online systems to deliver the contents to the learners.
SC is projecting to expand through an increase in the volume of production and reaching a large number of customers. The proposed project is aimed at creating a database using the big data technologies. According to Chang, Lee and Wang (2016), big data analytics are capable of housing large volumes of cartoon character based containing the grammar lessons for both the middle and high school students. The gaming process requires a large database integrated as proposed in the project. The learning websites of showcasing the cartoon-style animations will be incorporated in the system rather than having several websites. The users will have the opportunity of interacting with the games, selecting from a wide range of products, and perform demonstrations before purchasing the project.
The proposal will add value to the business according to the requirements of the request for proposal. Once the project has been implemented, it will boost the sales of the Company through the reduction of unnecessary expenses, as shown by the current methods. The digital platform has been a goal for several companies and especially for the companies to remain competitive in the current market. The national network for the suppliers of the materials cannot be effective as compared to the online bookstore system of the Company. The system will be operated by the Company as opposed to the current methods of operation which uses the intermediaries. Currently, SC is using a large number of resources in the distribution channels. The projected number will increase through the new system from the current 45,000 to close to hundreds of thousands.
Literature Review
Several studies have been used in describing the effectiveness of electronic commerce for supporting the interactions between the individuals who are involved in the field of commercial transactions as well as the management of data. The studies have been based on the importance of e-commerce in assisting customers in increasing their usability. The customers/users of the products are able to know where the products are saved, access to different products, easy categorization of the products, among other capabilities.
Sakharkar, Doifode and Karnuke (2017) recognized the importance of storing the records electronically and transformation from the manual method. The software systems can easily facilitate access to the records while maintaining them as well as facilitating the transactions according to the requirements of the users. The proposed system was designed to store the information concerning the books and provide the information within the shortest time possible. The authors acknowledged the importance of such projects, especially in providing data to the users, a reduction in duplication of data, among other critical functions.
A similar book management system was developed through the creation of an online book shopping and selling system to facilitate the users in buying the books without the complexities. According to Sakharkar, Doifode and Karnuke (2017), the online book shopping system was designed to perform functions such as registration, search the book, and purchase a book, payment, and feedback capabilities. The registration section contained the specific points where the customers can enter the data, and then data is stored in a database. The search for books entails sections where the users have the capability of performing a simple search of books. The purchase of the book constituted sections where the users can purchase several books from the website without any complexities. The proposed website also contained the sections where the users can make the payments after ordering the books. The online payment process allows customers to use their credit cards. Finally, the feedback process was integrated into the system to determine if the customers are satisfied with the products. The booking system is a typical process that can be replicated in the design of the other databases. The concepts form a strong background in designing the proposed database.
Vinodhini and Manju (2016) proposed an online system through the use of big data. The proposed online system utilizes the map-reduce framework. The system allows the storage of data and distribution on different web servers using a web access protocol called the SOAP. The system provided the connection to the web servers for use as web applications. The algorithm was integrated into the classification of files in the distributed and parallel processing manner. The dataset of the proposed program is stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). The architecture of the online system was connected using the basic elements such as information retrieval, file categorization, file storage, transaction, and payment as well as the delivery of the products. The concept of big data is important in the design process for use in the storage of a large amount of data, such as books and animations or cartoons.
Another study to support the application of big data on online storage systems was conducted by Li, Guo and Guo (2012). The proposed system was implemented using functions such as access interface, metadata management, object operation management, data storage spaces, and the controllers, among others. The system was designed to allow the efficient management of data by the integration of the concept of big data.
Implementation of goals, objectives, and deliverables
The goals, objectives, and deliverables will be accomplished by a designed procedure outlined by the project team. The goals and objectives will be divided into other small subjections and implemented with the specified guidelines as per the leader of the project team. All the goals, deliverables and objectives assessed to ensure that they meet the requirements of SC. The process will be facilitated by a team of experts and good leadership. Any changes in the project shall be communicated in time to ensure that there will be no delay in the project. The project goal, objectives and deliverables include as follows:
I. Goal 1: To design the online bookstore database and train the staff for Seamus Company
a. Objective 1: The objective will involve the design of the conceptual model that will provide the basis of designing a working database.
i. Deliverable 1: A complete conceptual models with all features integrated and working effectively
ii. Deliverable 2: The coding process of the program will be implemented
b. Objective 2: To design both the customer management and the administrator management systems.
i. Deliverable 1: Data input for customers and management in the database
ii. Deliverable 2: Design of Entity-Relationship Diagram that contains both customer and management attributes.
c. Objective 3: To train the staff and the stakeholders on how to use the system
i. Deliverable 1: To equip the staff and stakeholders with the required skills for the operation of the database.
ii. Deliverable 2: To train staff on the security and maintenance of the database for effective performance.

The project will be implemented within three months
Table 1: Timeline of the Project
Task No. Task Date
1 Project Introduction/Meetings 1/4/2020 to 10/4/2020
2 Requirement Analysis 11/4/2020 to 30/4/2020
3 The System Design 1/5/2020 to 31/5/2020
4 Training of Staff 1/6/2020 to 15/6/2020
5 Project Closure 16/6/2020 to 30/6/2020

1. Hardware and Software Components. The hardware and software components will be used to house the data and perform operations and the delivery of content to the users. The cost of hardware and software is estimated at $ 125, 000
2. Human Resources. The project will be implemented by a team of 10 experts, and therefore, the total cost will be $100,000
3. Training Costs. The cost of the training of the staff for 15 days will be $95,000.
4. The security and the backup systems will be installed at the cost of $50,000
5. Web servers and the network systems are estimated at $45000
Therefore the total cost of the project will be $415,000
Evaluation framework
The evaluation framework for measuring the success of the project will be by the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). As Alsulamy, Wamuziri and Taylor (2012) suggest, KPIs will be used to assess whether the project met its goals and objectives after the completion process. KPIs will be used to assess the performance activities which form the critical success factors for the achievement of the goals of the organization. The evaluation process will be done by the measurement of the performance of the system and if the project has added value to the business.
The balanced scorecard (BSC) will be used to measure the performance of the SC after the integration of technology. Drawing from Alsulamy, Wamuziri and Taylor (2012), the measurements will be evaluated as financials, customers, business process, and innovation. The financial approach will be evaluated if the Company can manage as well as eliminate unnecessary expenses as a result of the integration of technology. The number of customers is expected to rise while the project is also expected to enhance the efficiency of operations.
The success of the project will be measured by considering the schedule, quality, cost, stakeholder/company satisfaction and performance on the business. The project will be successful if completed within the original timeline. Determining the quality of the project means assessing whether it met the necessary standards of the Company. The project will also be successful if it will be completed according to the budgeted cost. The report from the Company or the stakeholders will be used in determining if the project met the requirements. A successful project is capable of changing the operations of the business or adding value to the business.
The proposed project meets the needs of SC. The implementation of the project will enable the Company to reach the customers and deliver the books at the customer locations. The project will also contribute significantly to housing big data for the Company that allows quick decision making and efficiency in operation. The integration of big data in the Company will contribute in facilitating the storage of critical data such as cartoons and animations. The business will also enhance the operations by taking advantage of real-time functions and processes. The proposed project will also enable the business to reach a large number of customers, thereby expanding the business, which eventually results in high profits.

Cover Letter
Letter of Transmittal
Pevac Company
IT Solutions
4545, Fourth Street

Seamus Company
Supply Chain Department
650 N South Street

Dellberg, WI 99999

Ph: 800-555-0199

Fax: 800-555-0199

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to show interest in implementing the project proposal in your Company. The Company is called Pevac, and it is a well-established company in the field of IT solutions. The Company has previously designed and implemented several projects for several companies. We are willing to provide you with some of our previous works. We have a qualified team with vast experiences in several fields and all the stages of project implementation.
The reason for presenting this proposal is to enable your Company to advance in the field of IT and become competitive in the current world of technological change. The project will transform all the operations and enable the Company to realize its goals and objectives as defined in the mission and vision statement. The project will help the Company in the reduction of costs and expenses and maximizing on output for maximum profit generation. The big data platform will enable the business to house large amounts of data and deliver real-time information/data.
Finally, I am looking forward to your response, and if you have any questions or clarification, you are free to visit our offices as per the address above. We are ready to establish a long working relationship by finding solutions that can transform businesses.


Sakharkar, S., Doifode, S., & Karnuke, S. (2017). Research on “Book Shop Get research paper samples and course-specific study resources under   homework for you course hero writing service – Manage ment System.” International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET), 5(3), 490–492. doi: 10.1136/jnnp.2009.191767
Vinodhini, M., & Manju, A. (2016). An Efficient Online Shopping System Using Map Reduce Framework in Big data. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET), 5(5), 1520–1524. doi: 10.1109/bigdata.2015.7363915
Li, Y., Guo, L., & Guo, Y. (2012, April). An efficient and performance-aware big data storage system. In International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (pp. 102-116). Springer, Cham.
Tao, T., Wang, N., & Lu, H. (2011, December). Analysis and Design of Online Bookstore System. In International Conference on Information and Business Intelligence (pp. 747-752). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
Chang, J. W., Lee, M. C., & Wang, T. I. (2016). Integrating a semantic-based retrieval agent into case-based reasoning systems: A case study of an online bookstore. Computers in Industry, 78, 29-42.
Alsulamy, S., Wamuziri, S., & Taylor, M. (2012, September). Evaluation of key metrics for measurement of project performance. In 28th Annual ARCOM Conference (pp. 3-5).

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