102 Macroeconomics

102 Macroeconomics,

(Dr. Adnan)

The purpose of this project is to promote the student’s understanding of the basic concepts and their relevance to the real world.

Topic and Task Requirements:

Each student needs to identify any topic related to Saudi Economy. The topic should be drawn from macroeconomics, finance, financial analysis. Your report must analyze the topic you picked by using data analysis, showing the analysis graphically /or by excel sheets with proper explanation.

Examples for some topics:

Economic growth per capita
Inflation rates and unemployment rates
Nominal and real GDP
Schooling and Education
Exports and imports patterns
Health care and economic growth
Productivity growth
Investments: Real and financial
Structural transformation in production and trade
Balance of payments
Oil markets and prices
Investments in real estates
Investments in the stock market
Monetary policy
Corporate finance
Corporate investment decisions
Any other macroeconomic topic

Expected Outcomes:

We expect this assignment will allow students to appreciate the relevance and importance of the concepts they learn during the subject in the real world.

Report Format:

A written report of 2-3 pages as follows:

1- Cover page: Your name and ID number

2- Introduction of the topic.

3- Identify/analyse the variables involved in the assignment

4- Analyse the relationship among the variables of concern

5- Conclusion.

Marking Rubric: This is an open-ended question, which leaves it to your creativity to create your own format to complete the assignment. I will however use the following rubric to evaluate your answers (attaches as an excel sheet).

Excellent (scores 4.5 to 5):

The response will be classified as excellent when the analysis is correct, complete, and appropriate.

It clearly identifies the topic and the involved variables
It clearly explains how these variables are related with each other
Analyse the data in a good way using excel
The vocabulary used is appropriate, accurate and complete.

Proficient (scores between 3.5 to 4.49):

The response will be classified as proficient when the analysis is generally correct, complete, and appropriate.

There may be minor inaccuracies in the discussions when linking real world events with the market forces.
The analysis is complete but with minor inaccuracies or ambiguities in explanation.
Diagrams are included and correctly labelled.
The vocabulary used is appropriate & accurate but may be incomplete.

Reasonable (scores between 2.5 to 3.49):

The response will be classified as reasonable when it may contain some elements of a proficient response with errors in explanation.

The real-world events identified are accurate but not properly linked with the market forces.
There may be evidence of misconceptions with the analysis.
Some relevant scientific vocabulary is used, but other vocabulary could have been included.


Unsatisfactory (score less than 2.5):

The response will be classified as unsatisfactory if it fails to

Identify appropriate real-world events or the events are poorly linked with the market forces or with the variables of concern
There is little or no use of relevant vocabulary.
Excel is not included or included but incorrectly labelled.

Important Instructions

Due date: December 5, 2022, at 11:59 pm. Late submission will not be accepted.
Individual Work.
Late submission is not accepted.
You must submit the report as a word file including data analysis, (2-3 pages), or/and as an excel file into the Assignment folder on the Moodle. Do not send it by email. You file should be named as: Your First Name Family Name _ID number
Only electronic copies are accepted.
Plagiarism and cheating or copying the other people work would result in zero marks.
Grading: 0-5 marks, using the attached scoring rubrics.

Presentations: randomly selected before the end of the semester.

1. Do not criticize anything about Saudi (they do not allow that like in Kenya)

2. Deliver 2 pages plus excel book with analysis

3. Label your file as ‘Sultan’ on average, inexperienced writers forget this kind of instructions. Gouge yourself

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