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Posted: December 10th, 2022

Windshield Survey Essay Assignment Assessment

Windshield Survey Essay Assignment

Assessment of Community Needs through a Windshield Survey

One of the primary responsibilities of nurses is to identify community priority problems and address them effectively. To accomplish this, nurses often employ the use of windshield surveys as a valuable tool for gathering essential information about the community they serve. This data is instrumental in developing nursing plans to address the priority needs of the community. In the context of this Windshield Survey Essay Assignment, we will focus on the community of Somerset in Bellevue. This essay will delve into various aspects of the community, including its history, physical environment, economy, healthcare and social services, politics, transportation, education, demographics, values and beliefs, ethnicity, recreation, communication, and resident community perceptions. Subsequently, a nursing diagnosis will be formulated to facilitate the resolution of identified community issues.

Community Core

History: Somerset, situated in Bellevue, WA, rests atop a hill approximately 1000 feet above sea level, nestled between Lake Sammamish to the east and Lake Washington to the west (Roth, 2016). The breathtaking views from Somerset overlook Lake Washington, Seattle, Puget Sound, and the distant Olympic mountains, making it a scenic area. Somerset comprises several distinct neighborhoods, including Foresthill, Hilltop, Forest Park, Horizon View, and Tamara Hills (Burton, 2016). Somerset, despite its modern appearance, was founded in the 1960s when construction of its 22 divisions, totaling more than 1200 homes, commenced (Roth, 2016). This development continued through the 1970s when the last division was completed. An important aspect of Somerset’s history is the Somerset Community Association, established over 40 years ago to preserve, promote, and enhance the community (Burton, 2016). This nonprofit organization is managed by an elected board of directors who volunteer their time for its operation.

Demographics: Somerset is a diverse community encompassing individuals of various ages and races. Upon observation, one can see a predominant population of white residents, particularly men and women below 19 years old, with some exhibiting overweight or obesity (Burton, 2016). The community also comprises a significant number of middle-aged Asian residents. The assessment revealed a prevalence of overweight and obese individuals across all races, including both young and elderly residents. Smoking and alcohol consumption were noted among some men during the survey. Notably, there were no signs of homelessness in the area. The elderly population consisted mainly of white residents, with a smaller number of black and Asian individuals. The community is characterized by a higher number of females than males, indicating a family-oriented structure. Many couples aged 23 and above were observed, in contrast to individuals of the same age walking alone.

Households in Somerset typically follow a homogenous pattern, consisting of parents and children. According to one resident, the community comprises approximately 2500 homes, with 74% of them owned by married couples and families (Burton, 2016). About 50% of these homes are occupied by families with children aged 18 or below (Hesed & Paolisso, 2015).

Ethnicity: The primary racial group in Somerset is Caucasian white, accounting for 58.49% of the total population, followed by Asians at 34.30% (Haider, 2016). Black Americans represent around 1% of the population (Haider, 2016). The community’s diversity is evident in its restaurants, which attract people from various racial backgrounds. Cultural festivals celebrating Hispanic and Asian cultures are also held in the community, indicating a lack of significant cultural disparities.

Values and Beliefs: Somerset predominantly follows the Christian faith, as evidenced by the numerous churches in the area. Christianity is the largest religious affiliation, followed by Buddhism and Islam, with Hinduism and paganism making up smaller percentages (Haider, 2016). The well-maintained lawns, landscaping, and various cultural and artistic organizations in the county reflect the community’s appreciation for culture, art, and heritage. The county also recognizes and rewards achievements in art, historic preservation, and history.

Community Subsystems

Physical Environment: Somerset is known for its picturesque location, with residents often remarking that it embodies the French term “bellevue” or “beautiful view.” Perched on a hill around 800 feet above sea level, the community boasts lush forests and offers stunning vistas of Lake Washington and Puget Sound, as well as Seattle and the Olympic mountains (Cloke & Jones, 2011). Somerset enjoys a favorable air quality, with low pollution levels in the area. Being close to Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, the community benefits from an abundance of fish and birdlife. The primary water source is Kelsey Creek, providing clean water to residents. The community enjoys a warm oceanic climate, typical of the Puget Sound lowland.

Health and Social Services: Somerset is well-equipped with healthcare resources, including privately-owned and funded health centers. These resources encompass private clinics, specialty clinics covering various medical fields, physicians’ offices, free clinics, emergency care centers, dentist offices, nursing homes, psychiatry clinics, and home health services. Mental health care options are available, although many of them are privately owned. The community features a local Community Service Board, outpatient psychiatric healthcare centers, residential treatment facilities, and therapy centers. The predominant health concerns in the community are related to obesity, followed by sports-related injuries due to the active lifestyles of residents.

Economy: Somerset enjoys a robust and thriving economy, with a majority of residents belonging to high-income brackets. As part of Bellevue, which is in close proximity to Redmond, the home of tech giants Nintendo and Microsoft, Somerset is home to numerous small and large business owners (Peterson et al., 2017). Approximately 97% of Somerset residents are employed, reflecting the community’s high standard of living (Peterson et al., 2017). However, the cost of living in Somerset is 56% higher than that of Bellevue and 80% higher than the national average (Peterson et al., 2017). The community offers various businesses that cater to residents’ needs, including shopping malls. Nevertheless, fresh produce prices, such as vegetables and fruits, are often steep, making them less accessible to low-income earners. Additionally, Somerset has a notable presence of liquor stores, clubs, and bars.

Transport and Safety: Transportation in Somerset primarily relies on roads, with a significant number of residents owning cars. Most schools offer bus services, with some students using private vehicles for transportation. The community is considered safe, boasting a crime rate 55% lower than the national average (Peterson et al., 2017). Compared to other cities in Washington, Somerset is 92% safer, with a daily crime rate of 3.55 incidents per 100,000 individuals (Peterson et al., 2017). Somerset features essential public services such as fire stations, sanitation services, and police stations. Water and air quality are excellent, and residents often have advanced security systems in place.

Government and Politics: Somerset falls under Bellevue’s jurisdiction, which operates under a council-manager government comprising seven non-partisan board members elected during national elections. The council members select the city’s mayor, who serves as the council chair. The mayor’s role includes presiding over council meetings, setting the agenda, and acting as the city’s spokesperson.

Communication: Somerset residents have various options for leisure and socializing, with nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and fast-food establishments being popular gathering spots. Older individuals, especially men, tend to frequent clubs and hotels during their leisure time, while young people enjoy nightlife in nightclubs on weekends. Print media sources include the local newspaper, Bellevue Media, along with national newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Computers and televisions are commonplace in homes, and radios are typically found in vehicles. The most popular radio stations include KEXP FM, KMIH-FM, and Sandusky Radio. Social media usage is prevalent among residents, particularly among younger generations, with Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram being the favored platforms. Facetime and text messaging are the primary means of communication among residents.

Education: Education in Somerset is highly regarded, with two public schools, Somerset Elementary School and the Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, serving the community. Additionally, several private educational institutions are available. Most children attend two years of preschool before entering public schools. All schools in the area have nurses available during school hours to address any medical issues. These schools offer well-rounded education with sufficient educators and well-equipped libraries and laboratories. Alongside academic excellence, schools provide extracurricular activities, including sports programs. Many schools offer bus services for student transportation, although older students often have their vehicles. The schools also provide balanced diets, although some students prefer to bring junk food from home.

Recreation: Somerset, with its predominantly high-income population, places significant emphasis on leisure and recreational activities. The community boasts several recreational centers, offering sports such as tennis, swimming, and basketball for young people. Older residents also participate in recreational activities through annual auctions that raise funds for the development of recreational facilities and other social initiatives. Private gyms and CrossFit facilities are popular among residents. The Forest Hill Neighborhood Park provides a spacious playground, picnic facilities, and walking trails, making it an ideal destination for families to spend their leisure time. The favorable weather conditions enable outdoor activities and sports throughout most seasons.

Community Perceptions: Residents of Somerset express confidence in their community, citing its serene atmosphere and stunning vistas, including Lake Washington, downtown Bellevue, and downtown Seattle. The Somerset Community Association is regarded as a significant strength, representing the interests of residents for over 40 years. This organization, operated by elected members, particularly benefits residents over 65 years of age. Younger community members advocate for more physical fitness centers to promote healthy lifestyles among residents. These perceptions are shared by residents of various age groups and occupations.

Personal Perception: The overall health status of the Somerset community appears favorable, owing to its advantageous physical environment, which influences residents’ nutrition. The community has an abundance of healthcare resources, indicating a strong focus on health. Key strengths include a favorable physical environment, numerous healthcare resources, a thriving economy, efficient transportation, high-security levels, good governance, excellent educational facilities, and a wealth of recreational options. Additionally, the community benefits from favorable weather conditions that support outdoor leisure activities.

Challenges: However, Somerset faces several challenges, including a high prevalence of obesity, a high cost of living leading to elevated healthcare expenses, insufficient mental health facilities (particularly the lack of an inpatient psychiatric hospital), expensive fresh produce, the absence of a geriatric healthcare center, and issues related to alcohol consumption due to the presence of liquor stores, nightclubs, and bars.

Conclusion: Somerset stands as a vibrant and economically prosperous neighborhood with low poverty, crime rates, and illiteracy levels. The community boasts excellent educational facilities, a favorable physical environment, an abundance of recreational resources, good governance, and a peaceful ambiance. Despite the challenges it faces, Somerset remains an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family.

Population Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis 1: Altered Nutrition related to a high reliance on fast food, as evidenced by a high prevalence of overweight and obese individuals within the community.


Conduct a series of health education and health promotion campaigns to raise awareness about healthy eating habits.
Identify overweight and obese residents and provide them with appropriate guidance.
Develop and implement programs to promote weight reduction and healthier nutrition choices.

Health education and promotion campaigns aim to educate residents about the risks associated with consuming unhealthy foods and the importance of regular exercise (Johns et al., 2014).
Identifying overweight and obese individuals allows for targeted interventions to address the underlying causes and link them to weight reduction programs (Johns et al., 2014).
Weight reduction programs will focus on physical activity and the adoption of healthier dietary practices to improve overall nutrition (Johns et al., 2014).
Nursing Diagnosis 2: Risk of a poor quality of life among the youth related to excessive alcohol consumption.


Conduct health education and health promotion campaigns targeting the youth to raise awareness about the risks of alcohol abuse.
Identify individuals affected by alcohol abuse and connect them with local rehabilitation services.

Health education campaigns will inform the youth about the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption and encourage healthier choices (Roche et al., 2015).
Health promotion efforts will involve advocating for policies that address substance abuse, socioeconomic factors, availability, advertising regulations, and responsible drinking guidelines (Roche et al., 2015).
Rehabilitation services will offer support and treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction and its associated health and social issues.
In conclusion, the Windshield Survey of Somerset in Bellevue has provided valuable insights into the community’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. The nursing diagnoses and objectives outlined above aim to address specific health and lifestyle issues within the community, ultimately promoting better overall well-being among its residents.

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