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Posted: December 10th, 2022

Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies Thesis Topics Examples

Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies Thesis Topics
Dissertation Topics in the Study of World Religions

World religions encompass a wide range of traditions and belief systems from across the globe. Within this diverse field of study, researchers explore topics as specific as the Samurai faith and as mainstream as Catholicism. The primary goal is to gain new insights into the intricate nature of faith. Here are some suggested dissertation topics for students in the field of religious studies:

Comparing Eastern and Western Religious Beliefs: Investigate the fundamental principles of Eastern and Western religious faiths, and explore whether these two traditions are fundamentally different.

The Evolution of Japanese Religion: Analyze the social beliefs that shaped Japanese religion and examine the extent of change in Japanese belief systems in modern times.

Religious Conflict in Sudan: Explore the religious conflicts in Sudan and their historical and contemporary implications.

Comparing Modern Egyptian Religious Traditions with Pre-dynastic Beliefs: Contrast contemporary Egyptian religious practices with those from the pre-dynastic era.

Unity in Religious Diversity: Discuss the concept that all religious paths ultimately lead to the same spiritual destination.

Religious Dynamics in Ireland: Investigate whether Christian dominance in Ireland has subsided enough for Catholics and Protestants to coexist peacefully.

Atheism as a Modern Worldview: Examine the idea that atheism has become a dominant worldview in contemporary society.

Changing Religious Beliefs in India: Compare the religious beliefs in modern-day India with those prevalent in the early 20th century, and analyze the reasons for these changes.

Dissertation Topics in Religious History

The study of religious history delves into the evolution of belief systems over time and their impact on cultures. It involves a meticulous examination of literature and cultural artifacts from specific historical eras to uncover religious influences. Consider these dissertation topics in religious history:

Religious Conflicts in Elizabethan England: Investigate the religious conflicts faced by the people of Elizabethan England and examine the historical evidence of such conflicts.

Religion and Political Power: Explore how the belief system of a nation is influenced by its political leadership throughout history.

Paganism and Christianity: Assess the theory that Christianity has historical roots in Pagan traditions, as suggested by authors Viola and Barna in ‘Pagan Christianity Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices.’

Foundations of Islamic Faith: Examine the foundational beliefs of the Islamic faith and compare modern-day rituals and traditions to those practiced in 7th-century Saudi Arabia.

Unresolved Religious Conflicts: Analyze historical instances where countries and cultures have been unable to resolve religious conflicts and assess their impact on contemporary culture.

Religious Influences on Adolf Hitler: Investigate whether Adolf Hitler was influenced by religious ideas and doctrines in his actions.

Origins of Religion: Explore the historical origins of religion as it exists today.

Religious Tolerance Throughout History: Discuss the historical failures of human beings in matters of religious tolerance.

Dissertation Topics on Religion in the Contemporary World

This category focuses on the relevance of religions in the modern world, including their applicability to contemporary dilemmas and media portrayals. These topics are particularly important for those interested in pursuing advanced studies in theology. Here are some dissertation topic ideas:

Relevance of Old Testament Teachings: Analyze whether Old Testament teachings from the Christian Bible are still applicable to life in the 21st century.

Comparing Religious Codes of Ethics: Investigate which religious code of ethics is most applicable to modern life and explore the reasons behind this choice.

Religion and Terrorism: Examine how religious faith can be used to justify international terrorism and its compatibility with the concept of an all-loving, omnipotent god.

Gender Equality and Religious Belief Systems: Explore the extent to which religious belief systems contradict modern notions of gender equality, particularly focusing on women’s rights.

Homosexuality and Religious Doctrine: Discuss the stance on homosexuality in religious texts, particularly in relation to the Bible.

Relevance of Buddhism in the UK: Assess whether Buddhism is the only religion applicable to modern life in the United Kingdom.

Media Representation of Eastern Religions: Examine the media’s treatment of Eastern religions, particularly in the post-9/11 cultural context.

Pagan and Neo-Wicca Belief Systems: Investigate what pagan and neo-Wicca belief systems offer in the face of 21st-century living.

Dissertation Topics in Ethics and Religion

Ethics and religion delve into the moral aspects of faith, examining how it applies to everyday life and critical historical events. Here are some dissertation topics in this area:

Religion and Morality: Discuss the relationship between religion and morality and whether they are synonymous.

Ethical Beliefs in Hinduism: Explore the ethical beliefs within Hinduism and identify the situations where they are most applicable.

Religious Ethics and Military Action: Investigate whether military actions can ever be ethically justified through religious ethics.

Situation Ethics in Religion: Examine which religions utilize situation ethics in their moral code and evaluate the effectiveness of these codes in moral dilemmas.

Ethical Egoism in the 21st Century: Discuss the assertion that ethical egoism is the only logical moral code in the 21st century.

Ethical Codes in Judaism: Analyze the ethical codes within Judaism and identify their limitations.

The Moral Justification of Taking Innocent Lives: Discuss whether taking even one innocent life can ever be ethically and religiously justified.

Moral Codes of Islamic Fundamentalism: Explore whether Islamic fundamentalists have a moral code.

Dissertation Topics in the Philosophy of Religion

The philosophy of religion involves examining logical arguments for and against the existence of a higher being and the potency of religious faith. Consider these dissertation topics within this field:

Existence of Life and a Higher Being: Explore the argument that the existence of life on Earth is evidence of the existence of a higher being.

Theodicy and the Problem of Evil: Investigate the compatibility of a world filled with evil with the existence of an all-loving omnipotent God.

The Origin of God: Examine the philosophical question of who or what created God.

Subjective Nature of God: Discuss the assertion that God exists only in the minds of those who believe in Him.

Challenges to Monotheism: Analyze the challenges to the Christian belief in one omnipotent God.

Divinity in Nature: Explore whether divinity exists in nature, as believed by ancient Egyptians.

Religion as a Coping Mechanism: Discuss the view that religion serves as a psychological safety net in the face of death.

Dissertation Topics in Religious Mythology

Religious mythology entails the interpretation and analysis of myths and stories associated with various religious traditions. Here are some dissertation topics related to religious mythology:

Egyptian Myth of Isis and Osiris: Investigate what the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris reveals about ancient Egyptian life and beliefs.

Inconsistencies in Religious Texts: Examine conflicting behaviors displayed by Jesus and his disciples in religious texts and explore how believers interpret these inconsistencies.

Dissertation Topics on Religious Buildings and Architecture

This area of study focuses on the role of architecture within religious communities and its symbolism. Here are some dissertation topics related to religious buildings and architecture:

Defining Religious Architecture: Explore the characteristics that define a religious building.

Divine Inspiration in Architecture: Discuss whether buildings like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona are evidence of divine inspiration.

Religious Buildings and Poverty: Analyze the impact of expensive religious buildings on impoverished communities.

Demolition of Religious Buildings: Examine the theological implications of demolishing a religious building.

The Necessity of Religious Buildings: Investigate whether believers need religious buildings to connect with their deity.

Religious Buildings and Leadership: Explore whether grand religious buildings can lead religious leaders to lose touch with their followers.

Role of Religious Buildings in Religion: Discuss the assertion that without the focus of religious buildings, religion would decline.

Divine Presence in Religious Buildings: Evaluate whether people are only in the presence of the divine when they enter a religious building.

Dissertation Topics on Worship and Ritual

Worship and ritual involve the physical and spiritual practices used by people of religious faith to honor their principles and deity. Here are some dissertation topics related to worship and ritual:

Marriage and Religious Recognition: Examine the belief that being married in a church is the only way to be recognized as a couple in the eyes of God.

Efficacy of Wiccan and Pagan Practices: Investigate the evidence supporting the effectiveness of Wiccan and Pagan spells and rituals.

Comparative Analysis of Prayer: Explore the differences in methods of prayer across various religions and what these practices reveal about religious diversity.

Evolution of Christian Worship: Analyze how Christian worship has evolved over time.

Baptism and Infant Salvation: Discuss the necessity of baptizing a baby for the salvation of their soul.

Islamic Worship and Culture: Compare Islamic worship and ritual practices with those of other world religions and examine what Islamic customs reveal about Islamic culture.

Polytheistic Worship: Investigate whether all polytheistic followers worship the divine in the same way.

Commonality in Religious Rituals: Discuss the assertion that rituals may differ, but at their core, all religions share commonalities.

Dissertation Topics on Politics and Religion

The relationship between religion and politics, and their mutual impact, is a significant field of study. Here are some dissertation topics in this area:

Political Interference in Religious Conflicts: Discuss whether politicians should refrain from interfering in religious conflicts.

Influence of Politics on Religion in the UK: Examine how politics has influenced religion in the United Kingdom over the past 500 years.

Religious Leaders and Political Power: Investigate whether religious leaders should have legal and political authority.

Religion in Political Campaigns: Analyze whether a political candidate’s religious beliefs can determine the success or failure of their election campaign.

Religion and Wars: Discuss the claim that all wars use politics as a guise when religion is at their core.

Secrecy of Religious Beliefs in Politics: Evaluate whether politicians should keep their religious beliefs private and maintain religious objectivity in their political decisions.

Religious Beliefs and Effective Leadership: Explore whether the most effective world leaders have followed a religious pathway.

Political Exploitation of Religion: Discuss whether politicians merely pay lip service to religion for the sake of popularity.
Theology Thesis. Philosophy and Religion Dissertation Topics

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