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Posted: December 10th, 2022

John Watson’s Conditioning Techniques

John Watson’s Conditioning Techniques: Review Quiz

This review quiz is designed to assess your comprehension of the topics covered in Week Three. It comprises 30 multiple-choice questions and accounts for 6% of your overall course grade. You will have 60 minutes to complete the quiz in one sitting. Feel free to retake the quiz until you are satisfied with your score. Before attempting the quiz, make sure to review the required resources and the Instructor Guidance.

Question 1:
Most English sentences follow a specific structure: subject, verb, and object, in that sequence. For example, “Bob caught the ball.” This structure is commonly referred to as:

Question 2:
Which of the following represents one of the fundamental principles of cognitive psychology?

Question 3:
The “k” sound found in words like cat, scrap, or ski is an illustration of one of the _____ components of language.

Question 4:
Can you identify an example of a fixed-interval schedule of reinforcement from the options provided?

Question 5:
In the narrative of Little Albert, John Watson employed a construction hammer against a steel bar. Little Albert’s response, crying in reaction to that sound, is an instance of:

Question 6:
According to Bandura, all of the following are essential for individuals to act as agents of their own actions EXCEPT:

Question 7:
When baby Frances utters “daaa,” her father responds with, “Yes, I’m daddy!” Over time, due to her father’s continuous reinforcement, Frances will eventually say “daddy.” This gradual development of language is termed:

Question 8:
Gus observes that the school bully is very popular, prompting him to start bullying other students as well. Gus’s imitative behavior is best explained by the _____ effect.

Question 9:
As a consequence of John Watson’s conditioning techniques, Little Albert became fearful not only of a white rat but also of rabbits, fur coats, and Santa Claus’s beard. These fears illustrate:

Question 10:
Which of the following pairs represents a vital component of behavioristic theories?

Question 11:
Can you provide an example of symbolic modeling?

Question 12:
In a chimpanzee’s cage, a peanut is placed at the bottom of a tube that the chimpanzee cannot reach or manipulate. After attempting unsuccessfully to access the peanut, the chimpanzee suddenly goes to a drinking tube, fills its mouth with water, and spits it into the tube until the peanut becomes reachable. The chimpanzee has effectively solved this problem through:

Question 13:
Rick loses his driver’s license following an arrest for driving while intoxicated. This situation serves as an example of:

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