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Posted: June 16th, 2022

The Heist – Roleplay Assignment

The Heist – Roleplay Assignment Instructions: I’ve made some adjustments to the Investigative Roleplay – How to Play! page found in the module. Your first task in this assignment is to decide who will play which role for this round. You can chose whether you want to be the: Observer: The Observer will gain bonus information based on the environment or relevant environmental conditions. Analyst: The Analyst will gain bonus information based on physical evidence. Psychologist: The Psychologist will gain bonus information based on information given by characters within the Roleplay Adventure. Historian: The Historian will gain bonus information based on past crimes, as well as knowledge of science and history. Please state which role you would like to play as your first post to the discussion board. You should then access the bonus information pertaining to your role and then share it with your fellow-guildmates. Each guild has their own discussion board area for this assignment so you will only be chatting with your guildmates. Use the information that you are provided based on your role, the case information, and your guild-mates’ contributions to solve the mystery and guess the killer! You will be graded on your own contributions to the guild’s efforts in terms of quantity and quality of the posts. You will need to offer your reasoning and the evidence involved in that reasoning in your answer. Important Due Dates: Sunday 2/12: Access and post the bonus information provided to you based on the role you are playing in your guild for this round of play. Sunday 2/19: Using the clues and evidence provided, attempt to solve the mystery with your guildmates. Each of you should state who you believe the murderer is any why, using supportive evidence and reasoning, by this deadline. The Case File:paper clip.png The news was abuzz with the report of how three gunmen, later identified as Brooks, Wells, and Harris robbed wealthy guests at the Countess Wellington’s party, stole their jewels, stuffed them in a basket, and then tried to escape, only to be shot at by a short but quick, masked robber. Wells surrendered the basket to the masked robber, with a gun aimed at his face. The guests were relieved by whom they thought was their hero, but their admiration turned into horror when that thief ran off with their jewels too. One of the gunman, Harris, was too slow to the draw- struggling to get his gun from his holster and then missing the shot as the robber of thieves grabbed the laundry basket and made off into the night. A duped, double heist! The stunned gunmen fled the scene, with the exception of Brooks who was sacked in the head by an angry guest, then ambushed by the rest of the company, pinned down and later arrested when the police arrived. The Countess was so horrified by the event that she declared that these robbers should be punished by any means. Then she immediately fainted and was rushed to the hospital. Vehicle in the middle of the round at evening time with two front doors open and an overturned basket on the front seat. *Make sure to check out the picture shared above. It is an image of the crime scene and the details of the image are correct. It can be used, in conjunction with the other evidence to support your guild’s hypothesis about what happened. Find your bonus information based on your role by clipping the colored paperclip below with the name of your role underneath. Purple paper clip The Observer yellow paper clip The Analyst Blue paper clip The Psychologist Green paper clip The Historian
As the Analyst in the case of the double heist at the Countess Wellington’s party, I have been tasked with gathering information based on physical evidence found at the crime scene. The objective of my role is to collect and examine evidence that can help the investigation team solve the mystery of who robbed the wealthy guests and stole their jewels, and who robbed the thief who stole the jewels.

The first piece of physical evidence I found was the overturned basket on the front seat of the vehicle. This basket is believed to have contained the stolen jewels and its presence in the vehicle indicates that the thief had tried to escape with the stolen loot. The basket being overturned suggests that it may have fallen from the vehicle during a struggle, which could have taken place between the thief and the robbers, or between the thief and someone who was trying to stop the thief from escaping.

Next, I took a closer look at the vehicle and noticed that there were two front doors open. This suggests that there may have been a struggle inside the vehicle, as one person could have tried to get in or out of the car. This evidence could indicate that the thief had an accomplice who was trying to help them escape, or that someone was trying to stop the thief from getting away.

Another piece of physical evidence is the fact that one of the robbers, Harris, was slow to the draw. This suggests that he may have been inexperienced or inexperienced with firearms, which could be a factor in why he was unable to stop the thief from escaping. This information can also give us insight into the robbers’ level of preparation for the heist and whether they were professional criminals or amateur thieves.

Additionally, the fact that Brooks was sacked in the head by an angry guest and then ambushed by the rest of the guests suggests that there was a great deal of chaos and confusion during the heist. This could have allowed the thief to escape unnoticed and could also provide clues about the guests’ reactions and behavior during the crime.

The location of the crime, at a high-society party, could also provide valuable information about the motivations and methods of the thief. It is possible that the thief was someone who was familiar with the guests and knew their vulnerabilities, or that they were a professional thief who had been hired to rob the party.

Finally, the fact that the masked robber aimed a gun at Wells’ face and took the basket of jewels from him suggests that the thief was a confident and bold individual, who was not afraid of confrontation. This could indicate that the thief was an experienced criminal, who had been involved in similar crimes before.

In conclusion, as the Analyst, I have gathered and analyzed physical evidence that can help the investigation team solve the mystery of the double heist at the Countess Wellington’s party. The overturned basket, the open front doors of the vehicle, the slow draw of Harris, the chaos and confusion during the heist, the location of the crime, and the actions of the masked robber all provide valuable clues that can help us determine the identity of the thief and the motivations behind the crime. It is important to continue the investigation by gathering additional evidence and speaking with witnesses in order to solve this crime and bring the guilty party to justice.

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