Immigration law_W2_DQ1&2

Discussion Question 1
Do you think that continuous waves of illegal immigrants are caused by a lack of severe penalties imposed on being caught? What are these penalties, and to whom do they apply? If an illegal immigrant is caught, is their spouse also penalized? Discuss whether the sanctions are suitable for the act. How is illegal immigration controlled? Who controls it, and what other preventive steps are taken to fight the forgery of documents, social security cards, and stolen identity? Do you think illegal immigrants or the families of those who die while crossing the borders should be able to initiate a lawsuit requiring the border states to have water and aid stations on the borders so that as illegal immigrants cross the desert and enter the U.S., they do not become dehydrated? What obligations does the U.S. have toward those attempting to enter its borders illegally 

Discussion Question 2
Who are the “boat people,” and how is the problem connected with this “phenomenon” treated in the U.S.? What problems or issues are posed by immigration laws with respect to boat people? Are the immigration laws issued with respect to this phenomenon consistent with the overall U.S. immigration policy? Provide a suitable explanation to justify your answer.    

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