Final Project: Business Portfolio Presentation Create

Introduction to Mexican Footlight the restaurant will be mainly Mexican, the menu will also consist of several American dishes and sea food dishes like Cold De Marls (seafood soup) and other favorites. Business Organizationally Mexican Restaurant will be privately owned. Since it is I will be fully responsible for all debts and obligations related my business. First at hand will be the staff, I need to have enough staff to get my business going and have the customers satisfied. My employees will consist of servers, cooks, dishwashers, preps, host/hostess, and a member of management for the kitchen and the front to greet the customers.
Always making sure my employees are happy and secure. Taking care of my teams who will In turn take care of our guests, resulting In increased profits. Potential Legal or Ethical Issues far as ethics goes, I will not be doing anything that may be considered Illegal nor will my employees… L will stress It as much as possible to obey the law and be as clean and neat as possible. Legally you can be sued for almost anything from having a dirty kitchen to a small crack on the parking lot floor. I will be having plenty of Insurance and I will make sure my business follows and obeys all kinds of licensing law.
I will make sure all tax laws ND employment laws will be followed as well. All employees will be treated fairly and will always have the option of leaving if they want. Business Succulence’s Mexican Restaurant will strive to develop the strongest culture in the business and to out execute our competition. We focus on quality staffing , controlling team turnover and increasing employee and customer satisfaction. The restaurant will be created to occupy both Mexican and American atmospheres 1 OFF Mexican cooking and a great down-home atmosphere.

The restaurant will overlook the down town area for a pleasant dining experience. It will consist of a fancy banquet room that will be used for private and cooperate events, along with a down home dining room that will have a cozy fireplace and hearth. The outside will demonstrate a traditional Mexican style home (stucco) with an orange color motif. Types of Motivations it comes to making my employees happy, I will always strive for that. I have always said, “happy employees means happy customers”. I will offer several types of incentives to motivate my employees to have great customer service.
As the customer is paying, I will offer them a “report card” sort of speak to fill out bout the service they received. If the service was excellent with several comments on it, I will place one from each server at the end of the week and draw to see which will receive a cash prize that week. It is very important that the kitchen stays clean, I will inspect it every week and make sure everything is looking great, if so I will give the kitchen staff a cash prize as well. All this in order to keep my employees happy and wanting more. Human Resource Management best way to improve the business is to have proper human resource management.
Helping employees with common training arctic is the best way to achieve growth within the business. Having four to five employees to one trainer would be very beneficial. Since everyone will be trained in a certain way the company will expand fast. Pay and benefits need to be increased if we want employees to stay with the company. Several businesses are offering better pay and benefits; we must retaliate by offering good starting wages and benefits. Retirement and sick leave is some of the issues that need to be operational. Vacation time should be offered after six months of employment and medical leave as well.
Pay increases would be done every six months if the employees are doing well instead of yearly. Doing all this will surely help employees determine if the company is worth their services. Technology restaurant will be able to accept debit/credit cards and any other types of payment. The cash registers will have the options of keeping track of all the sales and transactions that have taken place throughout the day. The employees will have electronic time cards… At the beginning of the shift they are to swipe in and the end of the day to swipe out.
After every night has passed a report ill be printed out so I could look over. Operations and Materials Micromanagement part of management should have all the materials needed for their area. The kitchen management is in charge of making sure all materials are ordered and products are supplied. I would not want my customers insufficient ingredients. The front manager is in charge of making sure all napkin holders are stocked and all cleaning supplies are in abundance. The front manager is also to make sure all menus are current and printed correctly, along with cash register paper and credit/debit card machine also have paper.

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