Carrie Smithson    1 posts   Re: Topic 9 DQ 2         Sustaining change can be difficult, as there are many variables that can affect implementation. One critical component of Evidence Based Practice is to ensure that practice change is part of an organization’s culture so it will continue to impact outcomes over time. There are barriers that may prevent my Evidence Based Practice change proposal from continuing to obtain the same desired results six months to a year from now. My PICOT statement is, In adults with tobacco dependency (P), would providing teaching/research about tobacco cessation (I) compared to medications to assist in tobacco cessation (C) lead to a decrease in tobacco dependency and better health outcomes (O), after four weeks of intervention/quit date (T)? One barrier is new staff coming on board and not knowing the proper way to educate patients on tobacco cessation. The current staff will receive proper education on how to educate tobacco dependent patients. To assist new staff with the process change, we can create required computer based learning assignments (CBL’s) that have to be completed before coming out of orientation. This will allow all new nurses to be up-to-date on the education process. Another barrier is language. Not only is language a barrier in education, but other forms of communication as well. Upon communicating with a patient who does not speak English, the health care team must first decide what language the patient understands best, and in what way the patient learns best. Once the assessment is completed, the nurse can obtain an interpreter. At our facility, there are interpreters on wheels; this is an IPad that we bring to the patient and an interpreter comes on live to speak to the patient in their specific language. Not only can we use the interpreter, but provide written education in different languages as well. Throughout the education process, it is important to remember communication techniques. A few communication techniques are listening, asking open ended questions, and having an open posture (Elsheikh, 2018). Change initially can be a good thing and take off quickly. It is important to sustain new change through methods like I mentioned above.  Reference  Elsheikh, K. (2018, March 21). 7 Effective Communication Techniques That Will   Make YouExcellent. Retrieved from https://medium.com/better-humans/7-  effective-communication-techniques-  that-will-make-you-excellent-89eb17e60b36

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