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Job Design and Crafting Surveys
                    Robert posted 
Most surveys that I have seen and taken in the past have been worthless.  These two were no different.  The first survey was completely worthless in the fact that it asked the exact same questions over and over,  but they were reworded.  This survey technique has a flaw and, I believe, that it will not give a correct assessment because it is based on how the reader interprets the question.  I can see the reasoning on why someone may do that for a survey, but I just find it irritating and it makes me not want to finish the survey.  As for what the survey gave back on the results; I don’t think that it truly shows my roles and satisfaction with my current situation.  
As for the second survey, I didn’t find this one helpful either.  The questions were again generic and not specific enough to truly give a correct answer.  When you ask a basic question like, “Do you like what you do at your job?”  You can answer that so many ways; I did yesterday but not today, do I like role at my job?, do I like my rank at my job?, do I like the interaction part of my job?, do I like my work schedule?  But you can’t answer any of those questions outright, you can just give a number on the overall picture of your job.  These types of surveys are also, in my opinion, a waste of time that has no true merit on a gap analysis that is more than likely being run.  Numbers are just an easy way to tally a survey, but a horrible way to truly get an explanatory answer on an issue.
Total your score:
o Skill Variety —                      11
o Task Identity —                     9
o Task Significant —               12
o Autonomy —                         9
o Feedback About Results — 11
Job Crafting Scale Survey
· 1st Section:                           25
· Hindering Job demands:       17
· Social Job Resources:          15
· Increasing Challenges:         16
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