analytical research

write an analytical research paper identifying, evaluating, and validating what you believe to be an innovative cooking method used for cooking in quantity, such as “Sous Vide” cooking for example. Utilizing an objective stance, you will take on the role as a consultant for a new small restaurant chain located in your home state. This restaurant chain is considering your chosen cooking method as its primary production method for quantity food production. As a consultant, you will need to perform analytical research to best guide their action. You will need recommend specific equipment for your chosen method, so you will need to justify the capital investment through making a persuasive argument for the advantages of the identified method.

In researching to support its adoption, you will need to include past and current food service operational cases, current business owner’s perspectives, any statistical information from a business point of view, and a comparison to one other method.  Incorporate what you have learned throughout this course.  Also, be sure to reference:

— Practical uses
— Basic techniques
— Its use as a function in food safety
— Specific food product applications

The analytical paper will be on Molecular Gastronomy

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