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Posted: August 9th, 2020

The Impact Of Energy Drinks In China Commerce Essay

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Energy drink canned or bottled drinks sales in convenience stores, grocery stores, bars and nightclubs mixed drinks. Most energy drinks carbonated drinks contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar, and other ingredients, such as B vitamins, amino acids (taurine), and herbal stimulants. (Wong 2006).

In recent years, Chinese energy drinks market after another, a new round of market competition intensified, showing a scene of prosperity. The functional drink overall growth rate of approximately 29% in 2008. Energy drinks is a stage of rapid development in China, listed species, and further enrich the category, the industry has shown a good momentum of development, China has become the superpower of the world’s beverage. In 2012, the functional beverage market has huge potential. (MarketWatch, 2012)

With the product output continues to expand, the energy drink industry is another rapid development. In 2008, the national industrial policy to encourage energy drink industry, the direction of the development of high-tech products, at the same time, domestic investment has gradually increased. As more and more investors are beginning to focus on the development of the energy drink industry, energy drink demand is increasing.

With the birth of functional beverages also caused a lot of trouble. Students before the exam, the pregnant women drink a bottle of energy drink seems to have become a regular practice. White-collar workers by drinking vitamin drinks every day to “maintain its vitality and beauty,” seems to have become a kind of consensus. However, these habits and ideas associated with the functional beverage are not correct.

For healthy normal person, no physical exertion, no need to replenish energy drink, there is not much practical significance


The most popular energy drink, Red Bull, it contains 80 mg of caffeine per can (250 ml) of caffeinated. This amount is same as two cups of coffee or a cup of tea, Other energy drinks contain several times this amount. The amount of caffeine in an energy drink is not always displayed on the label, so it is difficult to judge how much amount in one can of energy drink.

Another problem of the energy drink, unlike hot coffee or tea, sipped slowly, most energy drink consumers are quick drink. (Alternative Medicine, 2006).

Some people are sensitive to caffeine and experience anxiety, palpitations, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and indigestion with relatively small amounts. People with heart conditions should avoid large amounts of caffeine, because it is a stimulant. Red Bull played in the introduction of China’s advertising slogan is “tired, sleepy, drink Red Bull, Red Bull drinks into China has become a major functional beverages with high sales. Red Bull drinks contain caffeine, even in the case of very tired sleepy immediately vibrant, drink some Red Bull drinks. In fact, the Red Bull drinks easy fatigue crowd have a good effect, but have side effects on developing student groups and other minors.

Red Bull lead, other functional drinks springing the birth. Such as Yangshengtang, wahaha, Screaming. These drinks like Red Bull, contain caffeine, have a certain impact on the health of minors. Even adults can not always drink functional beverages, so as not to cause any unnecessary trouble. (China Beverages News, 2012).

Red Bull to enter the Chinese market in 1995, according to the Chinese Red Bull official reports, in 2008, Red Bull has occupied 65% market share of the Chinese functional beverage market,. Red Bull products off their shelves over fears that the energy drink may contain banned additives in 2012. (China Daily News 2012)

Red Bull contains a higher dose of caffeine, such as vodka and other spirits high alcohol reconcile drinking will increase the risk when drinking.

Although so far not been any scientific evidence clearly pointed out that the Red Bull in the health and safety aspects of the problem, but whether any drinks or food containing high caffeine, over-taking are harmful to the human body, therefore some of the countries to develop more stringent specifications of labeling for products containing caffeine drinks.

June 1, 2009, the Hong Kong government found Red Bull Cola, Red Bull Sugar-free, Red Bull Vitamin Drinks containing traces of cocaine, but not enough to affect the user’s mental state or adversely affect their health. For safety reasons, all of the related products have been put away in the major supermarket chains in Hong Kong.

February 9, 2012, Harbin, China, Food and Drug Administration disclosed in a television program, the Ingredients and food additives of Red Bull drinks Packaging label does not match with national approvals. Sodium benzoate, caffeine and sodium citrate in the Red Bull formula does not appear in the production approval.( Xinhua, 2012 )

If Excessive use cause headaches, tension, anxiety, tinnitus, heart rate faster and other symptoms The energy drink with health functions drinks but experts still advocate appropriate drinking. For safety reasons, all of the related products have been put away in the major supermarket chains in China.¼ˆChina Science 2012¼‰.

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on August 16, 2008, Australia Royal Adelaide Hospital Cardiovascular Research Centre Willoughby said Red Bull drinks promote human blood to become sticky that is a precursor of heart disease and stroke. The research team recruited 30 adults drunk a can of 250 ml of sugar-free Red Bull, and test their cardiovascular system if there is one hour before and after drinking different. The results found that normal people drinking Red Bull will produce the same symptoms of cardiovascular disease(Masa 2006)

red bull 心跳图.gif

According to the report of investigation in Sweden, said at least three people died after drinking Red Bull drinks. The Swedish National Food Administration to investigate public warning telling people not to take the Red Bull mixed with alcohol or drink after strenuous exercise. The three healthy young people who died are all thought to have drunk Red Bull shortly before their deaths. Two of the victims died after mixing the drink with vodka(Adam 2001).

Catherine Collins, of the British Dietetic Association, said: “There’s been quite a lot of research looking at are the effects of Red Bull on the heart and circulation. “And they have shown that if you take sufficient Red Bull, and other drinks that are performance enhancing, you can lower blood pressure and that may be the cause of the problem.”(Peter 2008).

The Times newspaper reports Norway, Denmark and France have classed the drink as medicinal because of its high caffeine content(Ruth 2010)

Red Bull also contains taurine, a building block for protein and helps digest food. A small amount is thought to be beneficial, but some studies have suggested a small risk to health(William 2008).

Chinese government control and monitor the production of the energy drinks in China(English News 2012). It set more and more regulations for the energy drinks industry including the production standards and strict acceptance standard given that energy drinks are directly related to the health of the consumers. And Chinese government also check the product from the energy drinks factory in a certain period to make sure all energy drinks were under control and meet the requirement of the standards(Sciences Beijing 2012). In this way, Chinese government can control the quality of energy drinks in the upstream.

Despite that Chinese government has done a lot of things to control and monitor the energy drinks industry. The people should also to know the product of energy drinks well(Lai 2012). Therefore, Chinese government require the producers to print the composition and the effects of the energy drinks on the packages for consumers to understanding well. Because the energy drinks are not suitable for some people( Weekly News 2012). For example, the pregnant women are not advised to drink the energy drinks due to the hormone which may affect the fetus growth. And the one who has heart disease is also not advised to drink the energy drinks in view of the probability of the caused burden for the heart and which is harmful for them( Nutrition Post 2012)

On the other hand, there are a lot of programs on some media such as newspapers and TV in China to explain the related knowledge of the energy drinks(Law 2012). Through these media, people will not blindly follow the trend to drink the energy drinks and they could understand the harmfulness of the energy drinks which may cause some sickness. People can choose the energy drinks under the suitable condition for the certain purpose and this will be more effective and more safety.

In China, most energy drinks only can be bought in the pharmacy that can remind the people to understand energy drinks is one kind of medicine and they are not suitable to drink a lot in a short time period(Liaoning News 2012). For some energy drinks, it is required showing the ID when you purchase them to avoid the abuse.

In these way, the energy drinks are controlled very well and could reduce the bad impact to the very low level. They are only used for the certain necessary purpose and good for the health of the consumers.

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